Message from Our


Debra Shalom


Welcome to Parkville, a unique early childhood school composed of only prekindergarten and kindergarten students.  We house all of the prekindergarten students in the Great Neck School District and Lakeville's kindergarten students.

Our goal is to create a positive, nurturing school climate that fosters the development of the whole child.  We appreciate early childhood as a unique and valuable stage of development.  Our commitment is to help children achieve their full potential by meeting individual needs and building on their strengths.

At Parkville, we strive to create a caring community of learners who respect the worth and uniqueness of each individual.  We teach kindness, caring and social skills together with an outstanding curriculum.  Our cultural awareness and tolerance programs foster emotional and social growth. 

The dedicated and talented staff at Parkville provides a warm, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment where young children thrive. The teachers set up developmentally appropriate classrooms where all children feel welcome and valued.

Children take part in a variety of special classes such as music, physical education, art, science, library and computers. In addition, we are fortunate to have an expert support staff including a psychologist, registered nurse, social worker, and TESL teacher.

The home/school connection is an important aspect of your child's development. We value our relationships with parents and encourage open dialogue.  Please become involved in our PTO and our school community.  I look forward to a wonderful, productive year with your children.