School Psychologists

Dr. Craig Gootman 441-4385 Dr. Alyson Miller 441-4386

Growing up isn't easy. The school psychologist is available to help parents, teachers, and children to better understand and problem-solve questions that arise. The psychologists provide consultation, intervention strategies, and assessment services to address social, emotional, and learning issues.

  • Consultation involves parents and teachers.
  • Interventions may include counseling support, positive reinforcement plans, and behavioral strategies.
  • Assessments evaluate for significant cognitive, learning, or emotional difficulties.

In addition to talking to your child's classroom teacher, the school psychologists provide another resource for problem solving situations. At Parkville School, Dr. Miller and Dr. Gootman are available to discuss questions about child development and ways of helping children become confident, happy, and interactive learners. Dr. Miller is available to address any of your questions or concerns. Please feel free to call for an appointment. We look forward to working with you and your children.