Quick and Easy Speech-Language Activities

to Practice With Your Child at Home


1) The door to your room is the shape of a rectangle. What other shapes can you find in your room? (i.e. round, square, triangle, etc.)

2) If you (the child) could decide what the whole family would eat for dinner, what foods would you choose?

3) Draw a face on an old sock and show children how to talk with puppets.

4) Cooking with your child is a wonderful time to promote language. for example, you can help your child make frozen fruit juice pops or pudding and talk about what you are using, doing, and the steps involved (i.e. first, next, then, after that, last).

5) Let your child help make up the grocery list. Take your child shopping and have him/her find the items.

6) Make a family album together and label each person in the family (i.e. aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, etc.).

7) Talk about colors, shapes, and numbers in your everyday conversation. "We need one egg". "That's a blue car". "The cake is in the square box".

8) Talk about animals that would make good/bad pets and why. There are two books that you can read when talking about this topic (i.e. Pets I Wouldn't Pick by Susan Alton Schmeltz and A Pup Just For Me by Dorothea P. Seeber).

9) Problem solving with your child is a great activity to increase speech and language development. You and your child can talk about what he/she could do and say to solve a problem. For example, talk about what he/she can do and say if they were in the kitchen and couldn't reach the cereal bowl on the shelf.

10) Talk about what you like and do not like. for example, what are some things you don't like about the weather turning colder? What do you like about the colder weather?