An important part of kindergarten is the development of social skills. Our goals include: fostering self-esteem, developing positive peer relationships, and encouraging independent learning.

By learning about similarities and differences, we celebrate our uniqueness. Learning to follow class routines and rules as well as treating others respectfully and kindly are important social skills that children will utilize throughout their lives.

Working independently as well as with peers is also an integral part of the kindergarten program. Students are encouraged to engage in cooperative activities and develop good work habits such as completing tasks, following directions, and assisting with jobs in the classroom.

Throughout Great Neck Public Schools, "Second Step" is taught in grades Prek-2. The main purpose of the program is to increase the students' level of social competence by helping children develop empathy, solve social problems independently, and understand their own feelings. The concepts learned in weekly "Second Step" lessons are incorporated into daily programming.  Please check "Backpack News" for "Second Step" parent letters.