What is a Teachable Moment?


A "teachable moment" refers to an opportunity throughout the normal course of your day where you can teach your child new language skills by building on existing skills (i.e. If your child knows names for articles of clothing, you can use dressing time to teach different concepts, "on", "off", pronouns "my", "your", and to follow directions, "put on your shoes", "take off your hat", "give me your shirt").

*When you are helping your child get dressed and undressed, YOU CAN talk about concepts, pronouns, and practice following directions.

* When you are sorting laundry, YOU CAN talk about what pieces of clothing belongs to each person, "Mommy's shirt" to address possessives and sign concepts, "big pants", "little pants".

*When you go places like the library, the grocery store, the dentist, etc., YOU CAN talk about the sequence of events that took place during your trip to address sequencing and remembering skills.