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Our Annual Cast Party Poll -- start planning now!

Favorite Moment (either during or rehearsal or performance):

Quote most often spoken by ...



Rookie of the Year (everyone can vote, but choice must be a 6th grader or someone doing the show for the first time):

Most Improved (everyone can vote, but choice must be 7th or 8th grader):

Favorite Song to Sing:
                  to Listen to:

Favorite Dance to Watch:
                to Participate in:

Favorite Moment by a Performer:

Best Blooper in Rehearsal:
                         in the Show:

Best Memorizer:

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week:

Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume:

Favorite Prop:

Unofficial Cast Leader:

Friendliest Cast Member:

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