Grade 6 Language Arts - Reading
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Homework is assigned on a regular basis in all academic classes.  There may be any combination of daily, weekly, and long range assignments. "Homework Buddies" are essential for obtaining missed assignments.  As much as possible it is preferred that homework be done independently of direct parent involvement.  In addition, we encourage outside reading for a minimum of twenty minutes each night.

There is an important system for helping children organize their homework assignments.  Each child will receive a plan book from the school.  All assignments must be copied into it. There is a separate box for each period of everyday.

The plan book is an essential component in an ongoing communication between home and school.  If a child has not done homework, the teacher will sign the plan book indicating the missing assignment. Parents are requested to have their child follow through on the assignment and then sign the plan book.  On the following day, the teacher will check for the parent's signature and the missing assignment.

Reporting Progress

Information concerning each student's progress is provided by sixth grade teachers in a variety of ways:

  • Report Cards - These are mailed home to all parents during the four quarters of the school year (approximately every ten weeks).  The A, B, C, D, F grading system is used for all grades.
  • However, at the end of the first quarter in the combined instruction class of language arts/reading, only comments will appear on the report card.  This will inform parents of the initial teacher evaluation of a student's development.  During the second through the fourth quarters, letter grades as well as comments will be given.


Parent or teacher initiated conferences are encouraged throughout the year.  Conferences will be held with sixth grade teacher teams, the guidance counselor, and any available support personnel.

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