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Unseen Companion

by Denise Gosliner Gosliner Orenstein

"This book is about four teenagers that meet a weird dangerous boy that goes to jail. Each section or chapter of the book you learn about this boy and how he disappeared and has no record of ever being in jail. I loved the book because I wanted to know what happened to him.  My favorite part was when two kids gathered to find out where the boy is. 

Try it - it's Great!"

~ Chris, 7th Grade

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by Sue Stauffacher

"I thought that Donuthead was a great book. At first, Franklin was jealous that his mom was giving Sarah so much attention. Then, Franklin doesn't care and becomes good friends with Sarah. They play baseball together on the same team. I liked that Franklin helped teach Sarah how to read and Sarah helped Franklin to ice skate. They are good friends to each other. I thought it was a fantastic book!"

~ Alexa, 6th Grade

"I thought this book was superb. It is about a boy who is very worryful. He meets a very tough girl. She scares him silly at first, but then as they hang out he starts to like her and support her dream. My favorite character is Bernie, a cute neighbor of Donuthead. My other favorite part is when Sarah starts to skate on real ice. I loved this book."

~ Jack, 6th Grade


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Dragon's Keep

by Janet Lee Carey

"This was a wonderful book and is definately on my list of favorite books. This is a story about Rosalind, a girl with a dragon finger. Her mother makes her wear gloves to hide it, but the dragon finger will soon be known. Dragons have long been hunted, so for revenge a dragon captures Rosalind. The dragon sees beauty in her dragon finger where her mother only sees shame. This book has some tragic parts, but it kept me hooked.  There are suprises around every corner! You'll be sure to love it, especially if you like dragons."

~ Hope, 7th Grade


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by Louis Sacher

"Ever wonder what it would be like with the worst kind of luck possible? For Stanley, he has to deal with this problem many times. This book is about a Stanley, a kid with the worst luck possible, who's sent to Camp Green Lake, a camp for troubled kids. At Camp Green Lake, Stanley is forced to dig holes from early morning til night. Just when he thinks he's ok with being at the camp, he discovers a secret that the counselors have been hiding.  Holes is a great book, one I love reading over and over again."

~ Victor, 8th Grade

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Notes from a Liar and Her Dog

by Gennifer Choldenko

"This book was exciting and touching. It was about a girll named Ant who was rejected from home and school. Everyone hated her. My favorite part was when Ant had a sincere talk with her mom.  There, she told her mom that she didn't feel loved. Then, her mom shared her feelings towards her.  They both needed to mend the relationship."

~ Michelle, 6th Grade


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by Cynthia Voigt

"This book is about a girl named Dicey who, along with her two brothers and sister, are abandoned in the car by their mom. They don't tell the police because they don't want to go into a foster home and be separated. They travel to many places and finally find their grandma's house. This is a very good book but it is a little sad."

~ Beatriz, 6th Grade

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I Am the Wallpaper

by Mark Peter Hughes

"I really liked this book and I am a picky reader. It was about a girl who is a very shy outcast with a very popular outcast. She finds adventures and hardships. I had a lot of fun reading this book."

~ Maxxie, 6th Grade

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Standing Against the Wind

by Traci L. Jones

"I loved the book Standing Against the Wind. It is about an African-American girl named Patrice who moved to Chicago with her aunt. She has a hard time there because everyone makes fun of her. My favorite part was when she met Monty, her new friend, in the library. After that, Monty asked Patrice to teach his brother to read. That was my favorite part. Monty and Patrice become close friends."

~ Christine, 6th Grade

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Not as Crazy as I Seem

by George Harrar

"This book was about a kid named Devon who has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Devon was forced into a problem just because of his OCD. My favorite part was when Devon was safe and the problem was solved."

~ Alex, 6th Grade

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Fallen Angels

by Walter Dean Myers

"This book was about a soldier fighting in Vietnam with his friends. My favorite part was when Richard (main character) and PeWee (main character's friend) were trying to survive together. When Pewee said to leave him behind, Richard refuses and carries Pewee with him until a rescue chopper comes. This book is touching, heroic, and sad. Fallen Angels is extremely descriptive and shows you what war is really like.  War is not 'fun' or 'cool.' "

~ Sam, 6th Grade


"Fallen Angels was a great book. It was very realistic and I got drawn into the book. Everytime something happens in the book you will feel sad... When you start reading it you won't want to put it down until it's finished. When you do finish you wish there was more! It is a good book for 6th-8th grade and the characters are really realistic. The writing is very descriptive and you can even imagine what the characters and everything look like."

~ Andrew, 8th Grade

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The Giver

by Lois Lowry

"This book is a great book. It is about a boy in a futuristic world. In this world, everyone is supposed to be perfect. You don't keep your child that you bore, you give it away. Everyone is assigned a job that they will do until they are seniors. When they reach seniors, they are eventually sacrificed.  Jonas was assigned the Giver. He has to keep the memories of all the people in town in his head. My favorite part of the novel was when Jonas takes the baby before his father, who is a sacrificer, kills it because it cries too much. He runs away with the baby and skips town, giving all the horrid memories back to their owners. I definatly recommend this book.  I loved it!"


~ Amanda, 8th Grade


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

by J.K. Rowling

"The Harry Potter series is fantastic as a whole. However, I found this final book to be the most compelling. J.K. Rowling keeps the reader quessing until the very end of the book. My favorite part was at the end of the book when Harry, Voldermort, Belatrix and Mrs. Weasly are fighting each other. The only part of this book that I didn't like was the epilogue which I found to be poorly written."

~ Mia, 8th Grade

"This book was by far one of the best books I've ever read. Definitely a MUST READ! This book was filled with action and suspense. One of my personal favorites! Harry Potter is a great series, but this book was the best.  It was also the last book. This is without a question a


~ David, 8th Grade


"It was a little scary. It was also fun to read this book because it is full of magic and fantasy."

~ Oren, 6th Grade


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by Stephenie Meyer

"Twilight is a book about a normal 17-year-old girl who moves in with her father.  Her father lives in Forks, Washington, a very rainy little town.  Bella meets Edward and his family of vampires. She falls in love with Edward instantly and this is the story of how their love still thrives even though they live in totally different worlds.  This book has many serious parts, but it also has many comical parts. This is a great book!"


~ Jennifer, 7th Grade


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Charlotte's Web

by E.B. White

"Charlotte's Web is a touching story about a pig and a spider. Through many obstacles, they become best friends. Wilbur almost gets killed and is saved by Charlotte many times. I think that Wilbur was my favorite character. I definitely recommend this book."

~ Joyce, 8th Grade


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The Old Man and the Sea

by Ernest Hemingway

"The Old Man and the Sea is a classic novel that is about this old Cuban fisherman named Santiago who finally catches a fish after many days of bad luck. Every single thing is this book is symbolic. I loved this book and to those of you who haven't read it yet, I strongly encourage you to!"

~ Evan, 8th Grade


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The Book Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic

by Avi

"This book was one of the best books I've ever read.  It has magic and dark magic.  It tells of a book that can't be read unless you have green eyes. I would give this book four stars hands down!"


~ Jason, 7th Grade


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by George Orwell

"1984 is a great book that is and always will be a total classic. Between the intense storyline and events, the political views and George Orwell's frightening vision of the future, I doubt anybody could put this novel down! The really great part is that he thought the world would be like that (a political and social wasteland where the government thinks for you)  in 1984, and look how far from that we are, and it's 2008! Great novel, READ IT!"

~ Max, 8th Grade


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The Wee Free Men

by Terry Pratchett

"I personally found this book very entertaining. The story centers around a 9-year-old girl named Tiffany and how she rises above 'normality' to save her brother. One of the best things in the story was the humor. The story draws you in and the author manages to get the reader to relate to the characters."

~ Tami, 8th Grade



Island of the Aunts

by Eva Ibbotson

"I love the 2 kids, Minette and Fabio.  They were the best! Everything they did made me feel for them. When they laughed, I laughed and so on. I also liked the Baborie. It's a bird, but very very large.  A single egg can make 72 omelettes! My favorite part was at the end when they said "I was not kidnapped, I was CHOSEN!" It was a really good book."

~ Gavi, 6th Grade

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The Chosen

by Chaim Potok

"Chaim Potok is an eloquent writer who gives us a glimpse of what it is like growing up in an orthodox world. The conflicts that the protagonist faces are very real and the reader can certainly relate to them.

The Chosen is a MUST-READ novel!"

~ Shelby, 8th Grade


"The Chosen is a compelling, remarkable and touching story. It tells a tale of friendship that can't be destroyed. It also talks about the father-son relationship. This book will surely be a classic because it perfectly captures the bond between a father and son. It is a timeless book that discusses universal themes. A reader will be glad that he chose

The Chosen."

~ Winston, 8th Grade


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Looking for Alaska

by John Green

" ' I go to seek the Great Perhaps!' and 'How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?' are the two quotes the book is mostly based upon. The book is divided into two parts, Before and After... It is by far one of my favorite books to read. The characters are charming, easy to relate to and very interesting. The book, overall, is a complete mind game that will make you think more and more."

~ Deren, 8th Grade


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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

by Betty Smith

"Though the title may sound dull, it is in fact symbolic of the young girl whose life is richly portrayed in this book. The story of Francie Nolan's transition from childhood to adulthood is told in simple, yet moving language. Francie is a plain girl from a struggling immigrant family who spends her time bringing scraps to the 'junkie' and reading books from the local public library... She suffers discrimination, hunger and the harsh realities of slum life... Like a flower deprived of water and sunlight, Francie struggles to grow in this unforgiving environment."

~ Eve, 8th Grade


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Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

"This book was a bittersweet story about love and social status. Jane Austen's way of writing and setting up the mood of the story was amazing. Elizabeth, as well as the other characters, are realistic and have many dimensions. I really enjoyed this book - it wasn't too sad and it wasn't too happy.  It is perfect for whatever mood you are in."

~ Laura, 8th Grade


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Esperanza Rising

by Pam Muñoz Ryan

"In this book, a Mexican girl named Esperanza Ortega is the only daughter of a wealthy Mexican landowner and wife. The day before she turned thirteen, her father was killed. Esperanza's dreams were also shattered. Esperanza and her mother leave their cherished home with people who were once their servants to travel to California... The family toils through hardships and begin to grow in the land of opportunity. My favorite part is when Esperanza and Miguel hear the earth's heartbeat. I recommend this book for people who love to read about family and its ups and downs."

~ Marilyn, 8th Grade


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by Todd Strasser

"This story is about a girl named Lauren who meets the new girl in school named Celeste. Celeste is friends with many people right away including THE most popular girl in the school. She becomes 'friends' with Lauren and she helps Lauren gain confidence... [The book] addresses relationships between two pre-teen girls in school.  I found it to be an enjoyable book."

~ Lauren, 8th Grade


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The Hobbit

by J.R. Tolkein

"I absolutely admire this book. For one thing, the plot was very interesting and the setting fit it completely. What I really loved was Bilbo's credibility. I really relate to Bilbo as far as being adventerous goes. I felt like I could really see myself in the situations that were portrayed in the book. My favorite part, though, was Bilbo's encounter with Gollum. I was amazed at this situation with all the wacky riddles and goofy things he said. I went on to read the Lord of the Rings series."

~ Roei, 8th Grade


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Alanna: The First Adventure

(Song of the Lioness Series #1)

by Tamora Pierce

"Alanna is not your typical 11-year-old girl. Though she has flaming red hair and piercing purple eyes, she disquises herself as a boy, trying to win her shield. She has deceived her father to get what she wants. Not only is she as good as any of the boys, she is even better. This book is about friendship and is an inspiration for girls to shoot for the stars!"

~ Sarah, 8th Grade


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The Misfits

by James Howe

"I like this book because it deals with real problems in everyday schools. I thought it was interesting how these kids who have been made fun of come together. By the end of the story, things look bettwe for these misunderstood kids. My favorite part was when Bobby, one of the misfits, made a speech about name calling because he was trying to make a difference."

~ Lauren, 8th Grade

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Vampire High

by Douglas Reese

"This was one of the best books I've ever read. Don't let the title daunt you and don't let the cover (which isn't the best) daunt you either. The book is about Cody Elliot who goes to his new school (after moving) and finds out [his new classmates] are actually vampires. I know, it doesn't sound that interesting, but once you start reading it you'll never stop!!! I think this should be a humor & fantasy book because I was ROFWL (Rolling On Floor With Laughter). Well, not really rolling on the floor, but you get my drift. My favorite part has to be the part when Justin finds out he's half Selkie. I mean, shouting 'YIPPEE!!' was funny, too. Please read this book.  It's mad awesome."

~ Hope, 7th Grade

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Castle in the Air

by Diana Wynne Jones

"This book is about a young carpet merchant who dreams of having an adventure. One day, a mysterious man sells Abdullah, the carpet merchant, a magical flying carpet. That night, the magic carpet takes him to his true love, a princess named Flower-in-the-Night. She gets kidnapped by a djinn and it is only he that can save her (and all the other kidnapped prinesses). This book is thrilling with a lot of twists and turns. It'll make you never want to put it down until you finish it! My favorite part is when a character named Sophie creates magic by talking! This is a great book."

~ Jennifer, 7th Grade


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A Farewell to Arms

by Ernest Hemingway

"I felt that this book was a real classic and kept your interest. I loved his use of imagery and how well his characters were developed. I felt like I really knew Federic Henry and could relate with the things he was going through. I especially loved the relationship between Federic and Catherine - their love seemed like it was really there and he help to put me in their places. I think that this book is a great read for anyone!"

~ Jane, 8th Grade


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Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte

"This was such an amazing novel! I loved it! The author addressed the thought-provoking topics of religion, social classes, love and a woman's role in society. I think everyone can identify with the protagonist's, Jane, conflict between how to satisfy and maintain balance between her passions and principles. She was the best character because she was independent and intelligent, defying the belief then that women should be subservient to men... She stayed true to herself and asserted her independence."

~ Lakshmi, 8th Grade

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Angel's Rest

by Charles Davis

"This book is about a little boy, whose father's death was a mystery, struggling with the unsolved question of why and his mother's trial for murder. It is a suspenseful but touching story. In the middle of reading your heart is racing because anyone could be the murderer - they have perfect reason to shoot his dad.  When the truth is revealed, I was shocked, but I admired the author because I will always remember the ending of this book. In other ways this story is heart warming, it expressed the affections between the characters and it also teaches a life lesson."

~Eva, 8th Grade




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