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6th Grade Science

Skills (introduced and reinforced throughout the year)

        *  using a textbook, note taking,  homework format

        *  preparing for exams, test-taking strategies

        *  notebook organization

        *  conducting experiments- scientific method

        *  writing up an experiment- lab reports

        *  conducting research and writing a research report

        *  Math integration-  graphing, charting and formation of data tables, rounding  off, calculator

            operation, use of formulas

        *  Reading skills- integration of reading comprehension skills

        *  use of a triple beam balance-mass vs. weight

        *  use of volumetric tools to determine volume and density-overflow cans, graduated cylinders

        *  use of a metric ruler- for accurate measurements

        *  thermometer use

        *  safety skills-safety contract

Metric System

        *  metric measurement --organization, conversion and comparison. 

        *  metric length, volume, mass, temperature and density, graphing skills.


        *  ecosystems

        *  populations

        *  relationships

        *  energy flow (food chains, food webs, energy pyramid)

        *  cycles

        *  limiting factors

        *  pollution

        *  adaptations

        *  succession


        *  properties of matter

        *  states of matter

        *  density

        *  atomic structure

        *  periodic table / elements

        *  physical and chemical properties / changes

        *  mixtures and compounds

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