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Test & Quiz Information


Marking Period 1:

Quiz 1: Thematic Mini Units

Quiz 2: The Crisis in the Colonies

Quiz 3: The American Revolution

Marking Period 2:


Quiz 1: New Government vocabulary

Quiz 2: Government

Quiz 3: The Bill of Rights

Test 1: The Supreme Court & the Constitution

Quiz 4: Controversial Constitutional Issues

Marking Period 3:

Quiz 1: Colonization/Early Presidents

Quiz 2: Westward Expansion

Test 1: Events Leading up to and Including the Civil War

Marking Period 4:

Quiz 1: Settling the West & the Industrial Revolution

Quiz 2: Slavery & Native Americans

Project: Immigration











Marking Period 1:

Test 1: Imperialism and WWI







Quiz 1: Thematic Mini Units Quiz

Quiz 2: The Economy - Progressivism & Imperialism

Test 1: The Great Depression

Marking Period 2:

Test 1: WWI, the Roaring Twenties & The Great Depression

Quiz 1: Economy II vocab

Social Movement Project

Quiz 2: Social Reforms of the 1920s and their modern parallels.

Marking Period 3:

Quiz 1: The Civil Rights Movement

Song Project

Test 1: Imperialism and WWI

Quiz 2: Origins of WWII


Marking Period 4:

Test 1: WWII

Project: Atrocities

Quiz 1: The Cold War

Quiz 2: Liberty, Security and Identity






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