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7th Grade Music for the Year

During the course of the year we will listen to a number of historical songs.  I know that many of them are not what you're use to, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy them. 

Unit 1: Native Americans & New York State Geography
Unit 2: The Age of Exploration
Unit 3: Colonization of North America

            *Herman's Hermits "I'm Henry the VIII I Am"
Unit 4: Colonial Life

Unit 5: Slavery

Unit 6: Crisis in the Colonies

Unit 7: The American Revolution

            *Ed Pettersen "The Liberty Song"

            *Harper Simon "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
Unit 8: Creating a New Government

Unit 9: The Constitution & the Supreme Court

Unit 10: The Early Presidents

             *Bruce Springsteen "Erie Canal"
Unit 11: Westward Expansion

             *Johnny Cash "The Alamo"

             *BR 549 "Sweet Betsy from Pike"

Unit 12: The Coming of the Civil War

             *Paul Robeson "Go Down Moses"

             *Fisk Jubilee Singers "Go Down Moses"

             *Johnny Cash "Swing Low Sweet Charity"

             *Richie Havens "Follow the Drinking Gourd"

             *Marah "John Brown's Body"
Unit 13: The Civil War

              *Joanna Smith "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

              *The Mavericks "Dixies Land"

              *"Marching Through Georgia"
Unit 14: Reconstruction

Unit 15: The Frontier


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