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Homework is due the date after it is assigned unless other instructions are given. If you are absent from school for 1 day, you have 1 extra day to complete your assignment. If you miss 2 days, you have 2 extra days, and so on and so forth. Should an assignment not be handed in, you can still hand it in late for partial credit.

At the beginning of the year each student receives four Homework Passes. Each pass entitles you to one free homework assignment per marking period. These passes do not carry over from one marking period to the next, and they cannot be used with certain assignments (i.e. Vocabulary).

The majority of assignments are worth five points. Vocabulary, which is handed out at the beginning of every unit, is worth ten.

Homework that is in BLUE font is for my seventh grade classes.  Eighth grade homework is typed in GREEN font. 

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