World War I Test Essay



1. You will write TWO body paragraphs. The Introductory paragraph will be provided to you.

2. The body paragraph contains a topic sentence related to the thesis (provided), supporting information, and a closing sentence.

3. You must provide specific, detailed information and support the thesis statement.

One of the following will be assigned to you.

Essay Choice Number One:

1. The decision to go to war is one of the most serious choices made by any nation. Identify how the United States went from

      neutrality at the beginning of WWI to fighting with the Allied Powers.

                     A. Explain the reasoning behind U.S. neutrality, and how economic ties led to the call for "freedom of the seas."

                     B. Detail other factors that played a significant role in moving America towards war.

                     C. What was the deciding factor that pulled America in the conflict?

Essay Choice Number Two:

2. During WWI, the U.S. government set up agencies, created legislation, and developed programs to maximize the country's

     effort against the Central Powers. Explain why the government stepped in and channeled a great deal into the war effort.

                     A. Explain why the government took these measures?

                     B. What agencies, legislation, and programs were developed and what were they responsible for?

                     C. Why were the chosen bureaucracies effective in ending the war and securing victory for the Allies?