The press has to have the right to print everything in order that certain people are prevented from doing as they please.
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A De Siano Elective

Law and Order

Civil and Criminal Law






Law and Order:

                                          Law and Order is a study in the legal, judicial, and law enforcement systems of the United States. Students will examine relevant examples of civil and criminal laws, law enforcement methods, and court procedures.




                            This is an introductory law class. The semester will begin with a basic question: What is Law? Expanding on this question, others will be asked: Why do we have law? How does it affect our daily lives? What components are associated with law? What is the difference between civil and criminal law? Additionally, classes will discuss Constitutional law and delve into the world of forensic science.



A Few Aims and Objectives:


  • To demonstrate the necessity for law and a government of laws.
  • To contemplate a variety of ways to effect change through the law.
  • Examine conflict resolution through lawful processes and legal institutions.
  • To demonstrate that law is not unvarying and how one can change the law.
  • To teach youth how to make reasoned judgments.



Points of Information:


  • If an issue or news event catches your eye, please feel free to bring it up in class.
  • This elective is designed to foster a fun and enjoyable learning environment.
  • Participation is expected regularly.



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