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Technology 7

"Tech 7" is the second in a series of three courses that satisfy the 1 credit New York State requirement in Technology. Students will receive their first experience in our computer based instructional learning activities in our STEMLAB.  Every student will cycle through at least 2 learning areas, or modules that are self-paced and challenging. Some of the topics available include: Digital Photography, Electronic Communications, Navigation and Global Positioning, Alternative Energy, Weather, Pneumatics, Robotics, and more.

The second ten weeks will be devoted to the discussion and study of simple and complex technological systems and how they affect our everyday lives. Project activities during this half of the course will include designing and building an egg crash vehicle, a compressed air car, or other similar problem solving activities.

This is a semester class which meets every other day for one-half year.




* Effective 2007-2008 electives are no longer available to 7th graders.
Great Neck South Middle School
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