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Presentation Materials from Using Digital Photography in the Classroom

Please feel free to use these materials as a review of my course work.


Course Description

Shoot, Organize, Edit, Share worksheet

Shoot, Organize, Edit Share presentation

Aperture Presentation

Shutter Speed and Lighting comparison

Digital Photography Glossary

Insert images in Microsoft Word and other word processing programs

Project ideas for teachers

Projects from printed photos

Projects for student self-portraits

Using digital photography in the classroom/hints and direction

Masters of Photography research website

Analysis of a Photo

Composition Hints

Picture of the Day sites

Basic Camera Functions

Iconic Image by Dorothea Lange

History of the Camera

Short Course Guide site

DSLR camera controls on front of camera

DSLRcamera controls on back of camera

Compact camera controls

31 iPhone Apps to play with

Free ebooks about photography

8 Powerful iOS Image Editing Apps





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