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Great Neck South Middle School

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Digital Photography Elective

Course Description

Photography is an elective course that meets everyday for 20 weeks.  Students will receive a letter grade at the end of each quarter based on their completed work and performance.  Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of basic photography, digital photography, and digital manipulation of images.  Students may take several rolls of color film as well as numerous digital photographs. Students will create several projects related to themes, and skill level.  Power Point software will be used to create a final presentation of manipulated images.


Course Outline


Theory and History

Famous Photographers

Cameras and their use

              Pinhole, viewfinder, single lens reflex, digital, Polaroid, and disposable cameras

Digital manipulation using Photoshop Elements 7 and Photoshop CS3

Searching and using images from the internet

Power Point software



The photography projects will include the creation of a power point presentation of the students’ digital manipulations, a montage of color photographs displayed as a collage or poster, digital photographs printed out for display, and a notebook portfolio. 


Class Procedures

  1. Students are to come in quietly and sit in their assigned seats
  2. Attendance is taken
  3. Specified jobs are done
  4. Lesson of the day is given
  5. Work session
  6. Wrap up and cleanup
  7. Teacher dismissal



The school has a limited supply of digital cameras, basic 35mm single lens reflex cameras, and viewfinder cameras.  We will lone these cameras to students for use only during the photography class period.  These cameras may not be brought home.  Students who use the cameras are responsible to see that they are returned in good condition, and not damaged.

Students are encouraged to take pictures at home, if they have access to their own camera.  As cameras tend to be fragile and expensive we encourage the students to take the majority of their photos at home and leave their camera at home.  Digital card readers are available at school to download images.  Simply slip the card into a zip-lock bag with the student's name printed on the outside.  Also, images may be e-mailed from home to school for use.  The camera does not need to come to school.


Extra Help

Extra help is available before school, after school and during lunch periods depending upon the student and teacher’s schedule.  Extra help will also be held every Thursday after school.  Students are encouraged to keep up with their work and take advantage of extra help. 



Homework will be given out at various times during the semester.  Students are encouraged to have their families participate, if they wish.  Certain homework activities are given to keep the pace of the class moving and are critical that they be done in a timely fashion.  It is the expectation of this class that students will have to take photographs at least twice a week after school. 



Grading is a combination of the following:

  1. Project work
  2. Tests and quizzes
  3. Notebook
  4. Class work
  5. Class participation
  6. Demonstration of mastery of the Photoshop Elements 2 program



    • 1 folder with bottom pockets
    • Pen or pencil everyday
    • A willingness to learn and explore




You will leave this class knowing how to correctly compose photographs and understand the processes involved.  You will know how to take a better picture, and use that knowledge for the rest of your life.  I look forward to taking you on this journey of knowledge.  With your parents permission we will start right away!  Please have the form signed below and return to school tomorrow.


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Please return this portion of the course outline to school with signatures. 


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