• This course is based on the philosophy that some students, if given additional time and tutorial help, will learn more and have greater self-esteem in their regular classroom environments. The course offers classes for all grades and addresses a wide range of abilities. Students receive help in any subject with which they are struggling. Emphasis will be on reading comprehension of materials in all curriculum areas. 

    Reading specialists present skills lessons that address skills that are necessary for success in all classes, such as: time management and organizational skills; test preparation strategies; detail writing from expository material and observations; cooperative reading-learning; using and interpreting graphics and visual aids (such as webs, cause-and-effect charts and outlines); vocabulary development; critical reading/thinking/writing; and, thematic and document based essay writing. Content area teachers provide helpful information about the students in the course thereby providing a cooperative effort for student achievement. 

    Science support is also available to address specific science content.

    Registration is offered to students who are recommended or choose to select the course. All courses meet on alternating days or every day of the cycle for one semester or a full year. This course if offered on a Pass/Fail basis.


    Some skills addressed:

    Time Management - Organization - Vocabulary Development - Analytical Reading/Thinking/Writing - Test Preparation Strategies - Test-Taking Approaches - Study Strategies - Listening for Note-Taking - Research - Concentration While Learning - Memory for Learning - Cooperative Reading/Learning - Use of Graphic Organizers and other visual aides