• CC Algebra

    algebraic equation

    The course follows the NYS Common Core standards and leads up to the Common Core Algebra I Exam in June. Students cover topics such as understanding how to read and create graphs, Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions, Creating Equations, Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities. Manipulatives and computer programs are used to assist students in learning. Concepts lead to Algebra II/Trig in the upper grade level.





    Global History

    antique world map

    We cover the history of the world, from the beginning of time to the present, over this two year course that culminates in the New York State mandated Regents exam. As we look at events, we also look at the factors that influence what happened, such as the impact of geography.






    CC English

    book of literature and its writers In their junior years, students take Common Core English, which prepares them for the Regents exam in June. We focus on short stories, poetry, literary criticism, and non-fiction analysis in order to strengthen the skills needed to master the exam.










    Living Environment

    DNA helix

    This is an introductory biology course that includes a 1200 minute laboratory component. The course prepares students for the Living Environment Regents Exam in June. Students learn scientific inquiry, cell structure/function, basic biochemistry, nutrition, photosynthesis, respiration, mitosis, meiosis, genetics, protein synthesis, evolution, classification, plants, animals, systems of the body, ecology, and human impacts on the environment.




    US History

    vintage distressed American flag

    This class leads to the NYS Regents Exam in June, but it is anything but a test prep class. The objective is to provide the students with a more honest historical perspective of American history - warts and all; all the while extolling the truly great American virtues of liberty and democracy. The goal is to provide different perspectives fleshed out in seminar-like discussions, forcing the students to think critically and graduating the students into thinking, engaging citizens.





    Author Courses

    quill pen laying next to caption the author Inspired by upper-level college courses, the author course is a semester- long intensive study of one author's life and works. It's all about depth over breadth! Thus far, courses have been offered on William Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sherman Alexie, and Oscar Wilde.








    debate and divergence of views can only enrich our history and culture

    More than a current events class, this class encourages students to develop and write persuasive arguments based on data and evidence. By selecting and researching topics in the news, students engage with what is going on in the world while developing an understanding of the values that help shape their opinions.









    science technology engineering arts mathematics

    3D Design & Printing is a half year science elective exploring the Third Industrial Revolution, personal fabrication. Powered by Information Age advancements, it is poised to unlock the potential in every person to create, innovate and fabricate. This course utilizes a Problem based Learning approach to maximize student growth and learning; fostering an open-ended student centered instructional environment that will encourage student-generated knowledge through active participation.





    CC Geometry

    protractor, ruler, and pencil

    This follows the NYS Common Core guidelines, covering topics such as Congruence, Similarity, Right Triangles, Trigonometry, Circles, and Geometric Measurement along with the use of algebraic skills to model and solve problems. Manipulatives and computer programs will be used to assist students in learning.







    Rosie the Riveter

    History? Forget about it! How about all the women in World History? We cover the role of women since the old days and call it Herstory! We look at how women have been viewed since before recorded time, to the Western world’s view of women, to a thorough exploration of the first, second..and waves of Feminism in our own country. The role of women in history has traditionally gotten short shrift in most curriculums. We rectify that as we show how important women have been in the history of humans.







    Writers' Workshop

    Village School's Manifest student publication

    Each fall, students have the opportunity to participate in Writers' Workshop, a class modeled after Gotham Writers Workshop in NYC. They experiment with poetry, prose, and playwriting, and immerse themselves in the revision process. The class culminates with a poetry night and the creation of "The Manifest", Village's literary magazine.










    History Through Film

    antique video camera with a stream of movie clips flowing from the lens

    This course explores different times, places, and events through the use of both fictional and documentary films. A different theme is explored each semester. Themes may revolve around time periods, historical events, or geographic areas. Students do background research before and during the films, and provide analysis and reactions after the films.










    Marine Science

    ocean of tropical fish and coral

    This is a half-year elective class that examines resources from the ocean, with an emphasis on sustainability, as well as different marine habitats. Students leave this class with a clear understanding of marine organisms, aquaria, and how to care for their own aquatic organisms.





    Math Art

    symmetrical geometric graphic

    This elective is an art class not necessarily for those with artistic ability. It is a course using geometry topics including parallelograms, transformations, and platonic solids to create art. The students work on two and three dimensional projects, use M.C. Escher as a guide, and work with the app Geogebra.









    photo of dreamcatcher

    With a love of the subject, we focus on three goals. First, the details of the thread, exploring the Pilgrims in New England to the Spanish in Florida, the southwest, and California; and the advance of Europeans across the continent. Second, we look at the many thriving “pre-Columbian” cultures and the differences between them. Third, we delve into the various rich and wonderful Native American cultures including the Hopi in Arizona, Navajo, Iroquois, and tribes of the Great Plains.






    Resource Room

    keep calm and let the special ed teacher handle it meme

    Resource Room is where we educate students with special education needs in this general education environment by making modifications and providing supplementary aids and services in an effort to foster success. Students work on their academic goals to build the necessary skills that will help them to be successful, while at the same time facilitating their social and emotional development with the goal of becoming lifelong learners and positive contributors to society.









    signs pointing to advice, help, support, tips, assistance, guidance

    Students are seen for counseling who are mandated to receive services for special education, as well as at the building level.