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    literature anthology

    College Writing, Common Core English, SAT Prep, Writers Workshop, Film Studies, Women Writers, Author Study Courses, Reading, Journalism, Psychology & Literature, Dystopian Literature, American Drama


    photo collage of famous authors


    From author-study courses, to writing classes, and American drama, students explore the works of classic authors such as Tennessee Williams, George Orwell, and Oscar Wilde, as well as contemporary authors like Alice Walker, John Green, and Sherman Alexie. 









    student art on canvas A student painting inspired by a Film Studies class in which fairy tale elements were explored as applied to Tim Burton films.











     image of close reading instructions No matter the class, students are always practicing active and close reading of texts to aid in critical thinking and analytical writing.















    students reading on the couch The classroom is lined with couches and several tables are in the center, giving students choice and creating what many call a 'homey' feel. Students are forewarned, though- the couches are ridiculously comfortable and you may not want to get up!