• "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
            - Albert Einstein

    Photo of teachers dressed up at Harry Potter characters Science and technology are constantly moving forward, sometimes at a rate too quick to process. It is important to take a moment to understand the tools we are given, and to enjoy the journey of becoming technology masters. However, there are some experiences that cannot be replicated digitally. For example, a student could very easily look at the anatomy of a heart using digital tools, but dissecting an actual heart would deliver a deeper learning experience. Holding the tissue in their hands will allow them to physically follow the blood vessels and structures of the heart. I strive to incorporate the use of technology in a meaningful manner here at Village, in combination with hands-on learning.

    Many of our students come from different backgrounds and have different abilities. In our small setting, I can change and adapt my lessons to meet the needs of our students, while still teaching to a high standard. I work to create a learning environment based in mutual respect and compassion. One of my goals as a teacher is to build lasting relationships with my students. In my experience, students respond to what they are given; if treated with respect and grace, the same will come back to the classroom.

    Through my own love of science and learning, I hope to instill upon my students an enduring sense of inquiry and desire to learn. Even if students do not “love” science, they can usually appreciate my own quirks and classroom antics.