• Office of Technical Support Services

    Guide to iPad Enrollment for GNPS Issued iPads


    To enroll your GNPS issued iPad, you will need to know your GNPS PC/MAC/WebMail/Campus username and password. Make sure you are able to successfully log in to a computer within GNPS or log into GNPS WebMail to verify that your account is working (WebMail applies to staff only). If your account password is flagged for change, you must set a new password before attempting to enroll an iPad in AirWatch. All student passwords are flagged for change upon creation and at the beginning of each school year to either changeit1234 or 1111 so be sure to set your password first as noted above.  If your account is not working, contact your building’s Library or Technology Staff. Then, follow the instructions below to get your GNPS issued iPad ready for use: 

    1. Choose “English” and “United States” for the language and country.
    2. Tap “Set up Manually” on the “Quick Start” screen.
    3. Connect to the WiFi network named “AW” which is active for enrollment purposes. If there is a WiFi network icon in the top left corner, you are already connected.
    4. Tap “Continue” on the “Data & Privacy” screen.
    5. Tap “Next” on the “Remote Management” screen that says “Great Neck Union Free Sch Dist will automatically configure your iPad”.
    6. Enter your GNPS username and password on the “Remote Management” screen that asks for your user name and password. Temporary passwords like ‘changeit1234’ or ‘1111’ will not work at this step (see note below about passwords).
    7. Tap “Enable Location Services” on the “Location Services” screen.
    8. Tap “Continue” on the “Access the Dock from Anywhere” and “Switch Between Recent Apps” screens.
    9. Tap “Get Started” on the “” screen.
    10. Tap “Dismiss” on the “Edit Home Screen” dialog.
    11. Tap the icon named “App Catalog”. You may need to swipe to the second page of the Home Screen.
    12. Tap the icon named “Agent”. Tap “Allow”, “Always Allow”, “I understand”, and “I agree” on the following screens.
    13. Tap the “Settings” icon and choose “Sign in to your iPad”
    14. Enter your managed apple ID which is the same as your GNPS Google user name but the domain (portion following the @ symbol) is appleID.gn.k12.ny.us instead of student.gn.k12.ny.us (for example, if your GNPS Google user name is flastname14@student.gn.k12.ny.us, your apple ID is flastname14@appleID.gn.k12.ny.us)
    15. Enter 1111 as the password
    16. Enter 1111 again when prompted for your temporary password.
    17. Enter a new 4 digit numeric password on both the “Create a new Password” and “Verify your new Password” screens.
    18. The enrollment process is now complete and applications and settings should begin to download to the device.
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