Third Grade Curriculum Highlights



     The following is a list of some of the scientific concepts that will be covered in third grade.


    1. Weather and Climate:

    Third grade meteorologists will describe the climate in their own area including typical weather conditions during the seasons, record weather patterns, and make predictions of weather based on data. Students will learn how severe weather can impact the environment and design a system that reduces the impact of weather-related hazards such as tornadoes or hurricanes on the envrionment.


    2. Forces and Interactions:

    Third grade physicists will observe how the forces of friction, gravity, and magnetism influence one another Our scientists will engage in activities to identify balanced and unbalanced forces and their effect on the motion of an object. Students will determine the cause and effect relationship of magnetic interactions between objects and then design a system to apply what they learn about magnetism.


    3. Life Science: Inheritance(Variation of Traits) and Ecosystems:

    Third grade biologists will learn how plants and animals inherit traits from their parents. Our scientists will learn the life cycles and life spans of different species of animals and plants from different habitats. Students will understand the need for animals and plants to adapt to their envrionments in order to insure the survival of a species.