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  • CARNEGIE HALL Sunday Evening, March 1, 2020 at 8:30 Isaac Stern Auditorium

    CARNEGIE HALL Sunday Evening, March 1, 2020 at 8:30 Isaac Stern Auditorium Field Studies International, Inc. presents ................



    NH Prepares for CH


      John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School STRING ORCHESTRA Patrick Kennedy, Conductor


         GEORG FRIDERIC HANDEL  Concerto Grosso in G, Op. 6, No. 1

                                    (1685-1749)  Allegro

    Concerto Soloists

    Daniel Zeng, Matthew Xu, Adam Tsou, Sally Sarker, violin, Mark Xu, Esther Hwang, viola

    Daniel Choi, Joshua Oken, cello, Hani Kang, bass, Vera Cho, Jasmine Lin, keyboard                                                     

    John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School WIND ENSEMBLE Matthew Trinkwald, Conductor


             DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH  Suite from 'The First Echelon', Op. 99a (1956)                    (1906-1975)    Waltz No. 2

                                      arranged by Johan De Meij  


    Madeline Yang, flute, Kaiming Zhang, oboe, Brandan Chen, Jonathan Kim, clarinet

    Scott Levy, alto saxophone, Emma Sassouni, trumpet, Michelle Zeng, accordion                                                   

    John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Joseph Rutkowski, Conductor


             DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH  Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47 (1937)

                                               (1906-1975)   Finale      




    = THE Artists Joseph Rutkowski has been the director of Instrumental Music at Great Neck North High since 1991. As a concert clarinetist he has been hailed by The New York Times as " agile and powerful player" and by the International Clarinet Magazine as a clarinetist with "awesome technical prowess." He has performed with James Galway, Mstislav Rostropovich, Eleanor Steber, William Warfield and Maurice Andre and under the batons of Alan Hovhaness, Karel Husa, Laszlo Halasz, Richard Westenburg, Michael Flamhaft and JoAnn Falletta.  His recording of Schubert's "Shepherd on the Rock" for Ali Mar Records received critical acclaim in Richard Gilbert's The Clarinetist's Discography. Mr. Rutkowski has been nominated as a GRAMMY Music Educator of Year three times and he is a two-time Presidential Scholars Teacher Recognition Award recipient, a Harvard Club Educator of the Year, the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Educator of 2015 and the WQXR Classical Hero of May 2018. He has served on the faculties of Queens College, Mannes College, Westchester Conservatory and Stuyvesant High School.  He has also written articles and research papers, and lectured at conferences around the country.  Mr. Rutkowski currently performs with Trimonious, the JEY Trio and the Broad Street Orchestra.  

    Matthew Trinkwald is in his sixth year as the music department chairperson and his fourteenth year of teaching music at Great Neck North Middle School. He holds a degree in Jazz Composition from Five Towns College and a Masters in Music Education from Queens College and second masters in School Building Leadership.  Along with being an active educator, Matt has been performing for 20 years, encompassing all styles of music in all different situations.  He is most noted for his work at cabaret clubs throughout Manhattan, club dates and weddings throughout the east coast and a performance in the 2005 JVC Jazz festival. 


    Patrick Kennedy teaches band and orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Great Neck.  He is in his second year at JFK after teaching for three years in Queens, NY for the New York City Department of Education. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance from the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College, an Advanced Certificate in Music Education, and a Master of Science in Music Education degree from Queens College.  Patrick has been performing in the New York Metro Area for over a decade.  He performs a variety of styles and genres including: jazz, classical, musical theater, and contemporary music.  Patrick is also a co-founder and Director of Music for a non-profit organization, Chords of Peace, where he spends his summers teaching music to disadvantaged youth around the world.. ** The John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School Music Program Under the auspices of Field Studies Center, this is Great Neck North High School’s fifteenth appearance.  The school’s groups have been featured in concert at Carnegie Hall on fourteen occasions and once at Avery Fisher Hall.   They have also been featured several times on Robert Sherman’s Young Artists Showcase on WQXR radio.   Great Neck is a suburb of New York City, located on the North Shore of Long Island just east of the Queens border. The Great Neck Public School System has possessed a tradition of excellence since its inception in 1814!  The current high school building has housed its students, faculty and staff since 1928.  Great Neck High School is now known as the John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School, named after the distinguished superintendent from 1943 until 1971. A Long Island Music Hall of Fame High School of Excellence for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Music Program dates back to 1928. A history of the Music Program was created by Class of 2003 Principal Violist Genelle Taney, complete with rosters, photographs and concert programs on the web displays the continuity of excellence in musical training of Great Neck's student musicians who have studied, rehearsed and performed the masterpieces of the orchestral, band and choral repertoire on the very same concert stage that is utilized today.  The Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra and Concert Choir have merited the attention of several internationally renowned international musical figures including Maestra JoAnn Falletta, Tara Helen O'Connor, Robert Miller, Maestro John-Szicheng , the late Maestro Jens Nygard, Michael Gilbert, Dr. James Jordan, Frances Roberts, Maestro Alan Schwartz, Joseph Turrin , Patricia Spencer, Maestro Michael Flamhaft, Michael Lipsey and David Jolly, Maestro Michael Tong, Maestro Olivier Fluchaire, Maestro David Winkler, Prof. Sean Reed, Prof. Kae Reed, Prof. Christopher Tibaldi, Maestro Brian Worsdale, Maestro Frank Rugers, Maestra Susan Deaver, Maestro David Bernard, Robert Sherman, Maestro Gal Altervich, Geoffrey Simon, Maestro David Stewart Wiley, Jazz Artist Sam Dillon, Maestro Rueben Blondell, Euphonium Virtuoso Dan Dicker , Maestro Joanne May (Elmhurst College, Chicago), Maestro Ross Capern (St Laurence College, Australia)   At Great Neck North High School our public performances in school and off campus (from nursing homes and elementary schools to Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center) are on a very high level; yet, we focus on teaching our students how to practice their instruments (and vocal techniques), listen to music critically and use technology to compose and orchestrate. *** **

    Great Neck Public Schools

    (since 1814)
    Board of Education 
    Barbara Berkowitz, President, Board of Education
    Donald L. Ashkenase, Vice President, Board of Education
    Donna Peirez, Trustee, Board of Education
    Rebecca Sassouni, Trustee, Board of Education
    Jeffrey Shi, Trustee, Board of Education
    Central Administration
    Dr. Teresa Prendergast, Superintendent of Schools
    John Powell, Assistant Superintendent for Business
    Dr. Stephen C. Lando, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education
    Kelly Newman, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
    Dr. Joseph Hickey, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Pupil Services
    John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School Administration
    Dr. Dan Holtzman, Principal
    Patricia Hugo, Assistant Principal
    Dr. Daniel Krauz, Assistant Principal
    Ron Levine, Assistant Principal
    Great Neck North High Department of the Fine and Performing Arts
    Dr. Pamela Levy, Chair
    ART, Joseph Giacalone, Emily Man, Christine Hakanjin, Linda Haase
    DRAMA, Ilana Meredith
    MUSIC, Dr. Pamela Levy, Joseph Rutkowski
    2019/2020 NH Music Booster Co-Presidents

    Nancy Notar-Francesco, Vivian Hong, Robin Schlusselberg
    The Administration, Faculty and Staff of the John L. Miller-Great Neck North High School
    Michael Meehan & TV North-GNPS/TV
    Keith Grier & Michele Domanick
    Custodial Staff
    Colleen Bowler, Public Information Specialist



    (since October 18, 1995)

    Daniel Zeng                         Co-President

    Arabella Notar-Francesco    VP for Instrumental Music Library Excel File and Web Site

    Jonathan Moalemi             VP for maintenance of brass instruments

    Mark Xu                             VP for viola maintenance

    Matthew Xu                       VP for violin maintenance

    Nina Phillips                        VP for Instrumental Music Library Excel File and Web Site

    Elizabeth Margiloff           VP for viola maintenance

    Katherine Smolens             VP for Instrumental Music Library Excel File and Web Site

    Cheongjun Oh                     VP for French horn maintenance

    Daniel Choi                         VP for cello maintenance

    Hani Kang                           VP for string bass maintenance

    Sabrina Schlusselberg        VP for percussion maintenance

    Lauren Murphy                  VP for percussion maintenance

    Albert Jan                           VP for video recording system

    Gregory Leung                   VP for video recording system

    Preston Chan                      VP for brass maintenance

    Christine Tiong                   VP for INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION

    Christopher Yang              VP for Tri-M Dinner and Induction Ceremony Manager


    Honorary Lifetime Members

    Honorary Chapter 2605 Lifetime Members

    Naomi Schlessel (since 1996)

    Alma Whitney (since 1997)

    Shirley Samansky (since 1998)

    Shelley Sherman (since 1999)

    Elaine Bassik (since 1999)

    Dr. Arlette Sanders (since 2000)

    Dr. William Shine (since 2001)

    Dr. Fred Pereira (since 2002)

    Lisa Mevorach (since 2002)

    Susan Shine (since 2003)

    Frederick Ritter, Jr. (since 2003)

    Paula McNabb (since 2004)

    Cheryl Ross (since 2004)

    Sandy Ferguson (since 2004)

    Sandy Cadieu (since 2004)

    Jill Segal (since 2004)

    Gail Gordon (since 2005)

    Donna-Sue Gary (since 2005)

    Grace Carpenter (since 2005)

    June Sykoff (since 2005)

    Angelo Sabatelli (since 2005)

    Prof. Leo Kraft (since 2005)

    Maestro Eugene Brusiloff (since 2005)

    Diane Spiro (since 2006)

    Laura Stern (since 2006)

    Debbie Tartell (since 2014)

    Bernie Kaplan (since 2018)

    Neil Saggerson  (since 2018)

    Roger Ames  (since 2018)

    Dr. Janine Robinson  (since 2018)

    Amy Kempton  (since 2018)

    Karen Lee  (since 2018)

    BOE President Barbara Berkowitz (since 2019)

    Rebecca Sassouni (since 2019)

    Donna Peirez (since 2019)

    Former BOE VP Larry Gross (since 2019)

    Donald Ashkenase (since 2019)

    Jeffrey Shi (since 2019)

    Dr. Sheila Terens (since 2019)


    JOHN L. MILLER-GREAT NECK NORTH HIGH SCHOOL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Dr. Dan Holtzman, Principal Dr. Teresa Prendergast, Superintendent

    Joseph Rutkowski, Matthew Trinkwald and Patrick Kennedy, Conductors


    David S Cheung

    Claire Cho

    Nethaniel Darvishzadeh

    Angelina Dayani

    Isabella Dayani

    Jaslyn Gao

    Ariel Greenblatt

    Leila Hawa

    Albert Jan

    Hwi-On Lee

    Jordan R Mayorga

    Jason Mei

    Nina Phillips

    Sally Sarker

    Sydney Sarker

    Alicia Sun

    Adam Tsou

    Tiantian Emily Wei

    Matthew Xu

    Kelly Yam

    Daniel Zeng

    David Zeng

    Lawrence Zeng

    Michelle Zeng

    Renee Zeng

    Chloe Zhou

    Christine Zhou

    Yuxi Julia Zhou



    Esther (HeeJun) Hwang

    Elizabeth Margiloff

    Matthew Manesh

    Arabella Notar-Francesco

    Jonah Nouriyelian

    Mark Xu

    Christopher Matos Suero



    Daniel Choi

    Victoria Guan

    Annette Hopkins

    Matthew Kwong

    Gregory Leung

    Judah Nouriyelian

    Joshua Oken

    Alfonso Renteria

    Tricia Wu

    Trinity Wu



    Hani Kang

    Brandon Maher

    Ashley Talledo

    Joshua Li



    Vera Cho

    Jasmine Lin

    Xiomara Trinidad Perez



    Eden A Monhian



    Stanley Chan

    Kelly Chau

    Isabel Hidasi

    Olivia Liu

    Yi Liu

    Ariella Sakhai

    Katherine Smolens

    Katherine Sun

    Shuyuan Julie Sun

    Kirsten Tam

    Madeline Yang

    Yushan Zhang

    Han Zheng

    Lan Zheng



    Michael Chan

    Ciaran Palma

    Christine Tiong

    Kaiming Zhang



    Brandan Chen

    Aaron P Huang

    Jonathan Kim

    Kirsten Law

    Linda Li

    Ashleigh Wong


    Bass Clarinet

    Jesse Racsko



    Alto Saxophone

    Kevin Khadavi

    Danielle Kobrick

    Scott Levy

    Clarence Luo

    Jason Mei

    Yaron Nassir

    Chenkang Zhao


    Tenor Saxophone

    Shengqi Cui


    Bari Saxophone

    Eytan Ran



    Sean Eliassi

    Eric Ohebshalom

    Cheongjun Oh



    Behnam Greenblatt

    Vincent Huang

    Benjamin Malekan

    Jordan Peiser

    Harrison Rich

    Emma Sassouni



    Jonathan Moalemi

    Jinchen Yang



    Jack Brenner

    Karen Fukuoka



    Preston Chan



    Christopher Chang

    Alexander Geula

    Tyler Menker

    Lauren Murphy

    Sabrina Schlusselberg

    Maverick Williams

    Oscar Wostenholme



    Michelle Zeng



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