Welcome to PE

  • The cornerstone of a child’s physical activity in schools is physical education. School PE programs offer the best opportunity to provide physical activity to all children and our goal is to teach your child the skills and knowledge needed to establish and sustain an active lifestyle.

Curriculum Overview

  • We have designed a program for children that helps them develop the physical competencies that lead to confidence and participation in physical activity for a lifetime. Our goal is to help children find a variety of ways to enjoy being physically active.
    The program has been designed to focus on three major areas that contribute to one's physical health and well-being.

    Movement Concepts: Movement concepts help children understand how to move. In the early grades the program addresses the variety of ways we travel (running, skipping, hopping, etc.) Children practice skills that emphasize movement concepts, such as changes of directions, pathways, and speeds.

    Skill Themes: Basic motor skills such as throwing, kicking, and volleying are taught in the primary grades. In the upper grades the children are taught how to use these fundamental skills in games and sports, and various forms of rhythmical movement.

    Wellness Concepts: Wellness concepts are taught throughout the program. They include nutrition (healthy and unhealthy foods) and ways to improve cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

    Our children are at different developmental levels with a variety of needs and interests. For this reason, we will provide children with learning experiences that are beneficial, enjoyable, and safe.