• Quick Tips

    Basic Tips:

    • It's normal to feel overwhelmed.
    • High school is a major stepping stone in life.
    • Enjoy high school and remember to have fun.
    • Tackle any problems early on, before they get out of control.


    • Clubs are an important part of high school. There are many benefits that you gain from joining clubs. Students that join clubs are better adjusted to high school.
    • Clubs allow you to:

    Meet friends and make new ones
    Have fun
    Gain new knowledge
    There are many clubs in the school. Find a club that seems interesting to you.

    • What if there are no clubs that interest you?  Then make your own club! All you have to do is find an advisor and ten members, and then get it approved.


    • South High offers various new sports in addition to those offered in middle school.
    • Even if you don't have any experience playing a sport, now is a great time to start.
    • The athletic department and coaches are more than willing to get you involved.
    • Remember, it's never too early or late to start a sport!


    • If you don't know your bus number here's what you can do:

    Ask the security guard outside the front entrance
    Check the bus schedule near the front doors of the lobby
    Ask the main office



    • Eating is important! You'll stay more focused in class
    • Putting money into your lunch account is much easier than carrying money.
    • The lower cafe is for Juniors and Seniors only, the upper cafe is for all students.

    Management and Organization:

    • Use the 9th grade navigation day before school to get prepared for the setting.
    • Remember where your classes are. Your teacher expects you to be on time after the first few days of school.
    • Use your assignment planner, it really helps.
    • Don't waste time, if you have free time you can spend it in the library.
    • If you need any more help, visit your guidance counselor.
    • Don't skip homework, doing your homework is one of the easiest ways of raising your grades.

    Guidance Counselor:

    • Counselors in the high school are very important and helpful.
    • They help with adding or dropping classes.
    • They schedule your classes.
    • Your counselor is a major resource in your high school career.
    • Get to know your counselor. Once they get to know you, they can learn what you like and dislike.


    • Do not visit your locker every period.
    • You may carry your backpack around.
    • Visit your locker when you have free time.
    • Fit locker visits into your schedule.