Attendance, Times, etc.
    How do I sign out early/what do I do when I come in late?
    When you leave school early, you have to go to the attendance office with written permission from a parent/guardian. When you come in late you need to get a pass from the attendance office also with a written excuse. A parent and/or guardian must come to school to sign you out when it is time to leave.

    What if a freshman is sick and cannot attend school?
    Either the night before or as early as possible during the school day, call the attendance office at (516) 441-4815 or (516) 441 - 4816 to report an absence.

    Can Freshmen leave school grounds during the day?
    Overall South is a closed campus, but juniors and seniors (who are the only ones allowed to have "frees" instead of study hall) may walk from the school campus to the mirror building and get food. Any lower classmen who tries to go to the mirror building will be prohibited from visiting the mirror building for the remainder of the year.

    What time does school begin/end?
    There is a "warning bell" five minutes before school begins, at 7:54 am, and another bell at 7:59 am. School ends at 2:33 pm.

    How will I know if school is canceled because of the weather etc?
    You will receive a ParentLink notification to your home phone and parent e-mail. You can check the GNPS website which should have updates and announcements or turn on your local news or radio station. In addition, you can tune to cable channel 73 for school reports.

    Can freshmen go to the cafeteria during their study hall?
    Freshmen can go to the cafeteria if they have permission from the teacher, but not instead of a study hall altogether.

    Schedules and Classes
    What if I am unhappy with the schedule?
    The week before school starts, there is a "Freshmen Change-Your-Schedule Day" and all freshmen can make an appointment to come in and meet with a counselor to discuss changes.

    When to freshmen get their locker assignments?
    Freshmen get their lockers at the same time as their schedules and use the same locker throughout all four years of high school.

    Are freshmen segregated into their own classes, away from upperclassmen?
    It depends. Overall - no. If you are in advanced class as a freshman, you may be placed with older students. All electives and some levels of languages are put with whoever applied for that class or is at that level of language.

    When do you get your schedule for freshman year?
    Sometime in mid-August, your schedule will be posted on the Infinite Campus student portal.

    Clubs and Sports
    Can freshmen join clubs at the high school?
    Of course! There is a freshman-only club fair after the first week or so of high school. Freshmen can walk around the different tables and get information on clubs, including days, times and how to get active and take the clubs link on the SHS website to find out what each club is about.

    Can freshmen join a sport even with little to no experience?
    Freshmen are more than encouraged to come play a new sport they have never played before. Coaches and teammates will work together to teach new-comers the rules and techniques of any desired sport.

    What if a freshman has past experience with the sports, will he/she be grouped with the inexperienced kids?
    Within the first week or so of the sport, the team as a whole is judged by coaches. If they are good enough, the coach will put them on varsity. If they are newcomers or at a different level than varsity kids, they will be put on junior varsity. It's all grouped by levels.

    How can freshmen stay involved in sports if they want to join a club?
    If a freshman wants to join a club, but are involved in a sport they should get a pass from their club advisor and would be excused for tardiness from their sport.

    Grading, Work, and Teachers
    How can I contact my/my child's teachers?
    If you or your child has a problem, you can contact a teacher via their department. Call the department and request to speak with the teacher, or via e-mail with the teacher's address. (First initial of first name and last name + @greatneck.k12.ny.us, ie: jcohen@greatneck.k12.ny.us)

    How often are parents notified about grades?
    Every quarter, after 5 weeks, an interim report with teacher comments on how the student is doing is posted in the Parent Portal. After the end of every quarter, just like the middle school, report cards are posted. A ParentLink message will inform you that they are available.

    How much homework will freshmen get every night?
    On average freshmen usually get from 1-3 hours of homework, but it depends on your classes.

    Is the report card system the same as the middle school?
    There are no pluses or minuses on report cards in the high school, but you will get a raw number at the end of the year with the grade number average and final grade numbers.

    How do I get more information on homework or the teacher in general?
    Some teachers have websites with info on their classes, you should utilize these websites as much as possible. In addition, The Study Center is available to support students in all their subject areas.

    Buses, Transportation, and Drop-offs
    Are there late buses for the high school?
    Similar to the middle school, the high school has buses after school incase you have sports or stay for extra help. The high school has a 3:30 bus, a 4:00 bus, a 4:30 bus, a 5:20 bus and a 6:20 bus. Make sure to check your numbers - all the bus numbers are different depending on the time! There is a list in the main hall.

    Where is the best place to be dropped off at the high school?
    If you are getting a ride to school, just request to be dropped off in front of the school. The security guards will help you navigate around the buses so there is no trouble.

    Is there parking for parents at the high school?
    If there is an event, or you want to drop by in the school for a couple minutes the teacher's lot is always open for parents to park in. Please enter through the Main Entrance. All other doors will be locked.

    Is there any way for a high schooler to go to the middle school from the high school?
    In the cafeterias, there are doors near the back that connect to the middle school cafeteria. Students can either access the middle school through there or walk around outside. It is a short walk.

    Everything Else
    What happens on the orientation day for freshmen?
    On the freshmen orientation day, freshmen and new kids in the school get to come a day early and with their schedules find all their classrooms. Take advantage of this day, it's very helpful to learn how to get around on your own.

    What is the role of a guidance counselor?
    High school guidance counselors play a much different role than middle school counselors. Usually students make a connection with their counselors and can talk freely whenever they desire. If you have a problem with anything at school, in classes, at home, anything - they will be happy to talk. If you are unhappy with your classes, they will be glad to help.

    Are the rumors about "Freshman Friday" true?
    Check out the page about Myths and Rumors. That should clear things up.