• From the Teachers

    We asked teachers from each department these questions about incoming freshmen.

    What are the hardest transitions incoming freshmen face?
    1. The increase in workload: expect more homework, more exams, and expect to put more time and effort into your work and preparation.
    2. Learning to take responsibility for what has to get done: answers and help are not "spoon-fed," handling assignments and making decisions are entirely up to you.
    3. Having freedom.
    4. Getting used to teachers expecting more, higher standards: teachers are a bit more critical, they expect the students to be able to handle more and to be able to work at a higher level.
    5. Upperclassmen: it is a little frightening at first to be walking the halls with students who are three years older than you and who are a good six inches taller.
    6. Getting used to the new environment: just like any change in schools, getting used to the building and the location of your classes will also take some time.

    What should freshmen do to overcome the transitions?
    1. Notice and understand the realities: take into account all of the expectations teachers have and the differences in the workload, (noticing the aspects of any problem or change is the first step to overcoming them!)
    2. Learn to feel comfortable talking to teachers and asking questions: 100% of the teachers surveyed said that this is one of the most helpful ways to overcome the transitions, teachers will always encourage students to ask questions and to notify them when they are having trouble
    3. Learn not to depend on others for assistance: learn to be self-sufficient and to trust yourself, remember: teachers won't be monitoring your every move and aren't going to guide you through each assignment
    4. Learn to manage your time and be organized: being "on top" of your work and aware of your assignments is a guarantee to success, when you are organized you tend to feel more prepared and ready for tests, and you are generally calmer and not as stressed. Learning to manage your time also allows you to have a balanced life; combining schoolwork, club and sports, and having a social life.
    5. Upperclassmen: they are not as intimidating as they seem to be, in fact, upperclassmen are always encouraging freshmen to join clubs and activities and are very friendly, also remember: they were freshmen once too so they understand all of the hardships that go along with entering high school!

    What is your view on the workload difference between 8th to 9th grade?
    1. There is more work in 9th grade than in 8th grade.
    2. The type of work and the effort expected to be put into the work increases in 9th grade.
    3. Conclusion: the freshmen feel there is more work, harder work, and more studying and effort need to be put in to succeed in 9th grade.

    What are some general tips you have for incoming freshmen?
    1. Don't fall behind!
    2. Keep organized and don't save your work until the last minute!
    3. Talk to teachers: communication is key!
    4. Make high school fun for yourself!
    5. Choose your friends wisely!
    6. Smile! :D