• Myths and Rumors


    Is there such a thing as, "Freshmen Friday?"
    No! Freshmen Friday is a day that the upperclassmen use to freak out the freshmen. You'll hear rumors that they're going to beat you up, or stuff you into lockers. In reality, it is all just one big myth that they want to scare you with.

    Is it true that I will get into a lot of trouble/get detention if I am late to class?
    It depends on your teacher. Overall the high school teachers are friendly and understand that you are new to school and have trouble finding your way along. But if it's a couple months into school and you have a tendency to be late, you should try finding a faster way to class because the teacher will not be happy.

    Is there really a dungeon? Is that where you go to detention?
    If you find a way to get yourself on the teacher's bad side and you end up in detention, it is not some torture chamber in the dungeon. The dungeon is just another floor with the east gym and classrooms. If you get detention it will be in the teacher's classroom.

    Will teachers really take away my phone if I am using it?
    Usually you are allowed to talk and text on your phone in the hallways, and during lunch, but during class your cell phone is expected to be on silent, and preferably off.

    Do I need to carry around a hall pass everywhere I go?
    No. The high school is freer than the middle school. You are allowed to roam the halls without a pass and go to the bathroom without signing out assuming, of course, that you have permission from a teacher. A teacher will not question you, unless for unrelated reasons.

    Is it true I will have to do 10 hours of homework every night?
    High school definitely has a lot more work than in the middle school, and you will get a decent amount of work during your freshmen year. But it is highly unlikely you will have to pull all-nighters every single night with 10 hours of homework given that day.

    Will teachers give me detention if I cut a class?
    Teachers will obviously be unhappy if they catch you cutting a class (which you shouldn't be doing). If you do cut a class, you will get a cut slip and if it's not excused it will go on your permanent attendance record. If you are caught in the act, chances are likely you will get into some sort of trouble.

    Am I really not allowed to join clubs, being a freshman?
    Absolutely not. You are allowed to join most if not all of the clubs and sports that you want.

    Will upperclassmen really give me wrong directions?
    Unlike the rumors that go around, most upperclassmen will be willing to point you in the right direction. But once in awhile you get that one "bad apple", who wants to mess with your head. If you're lost, look for a teacher.

    Is it true that I can pass without studying?
    Testing is one of the biggest difference between high school and middle school. In high school, if you don't study you'll regret it when it's time to sit down and take the test.