Advanced Band playing "Rey's Theme"

Advanced Band Playing Rey's Theme


  • All fourth and fifth grade woodwind, brass and percussion students at E.M. Baker will also participate in one of the school bands. The Performing Band is open to all students while the Advanced Band is by audition only. Performing Band meets every Day 5 at 12:45 (beginning in mid-December/January) and Advanced Band meets every Day 4 at 1:00 (beginning in mid/late October). 

    Advanced Band Audition Requirements for 4th and 5th Graders include:

    Ability to accurately perform:
    -Concert B flat Scale
    -Variations on a French Melody (with CD accompaniment) p.21 in "Measures of Success" (p.21b for percussion)
    -Winter Concert Song (To be handed out in September/early October)

    Auditions for 5th Graders will be held in mid/late October. Students that do not pass their initial audition may be moved into the Advanced Band later in the year if they demonstrate sufficient musical growth as well as the technical skills necessary perform in this more advanced ensemble.

    Students in younger grades are also welcome to audition for the Advanced Band. These students must learn all three winter concert pieces prior to joining the band due to the fact that instrumental lessons in school are unable to be scheduled for students below the fourth grade. The specific pieces will not be available to be handed out until mid-October at the earliest. For more information, please contact Mrs. Fogarty.