• Village Parents


    Each student is assigned an Advisor who helps monitor student progress on a smaller scale (a class - to- class basis) and larger scale (tracking credits earned toward graduation). 

    Your child's Advisor should be your point- person for questions regarding student progress. Twice a semester, you and your child will meet with the Advisor to review student stats, progress, and to set goals for the next marking period. 

    Online Class Resources

    Our teachers use Edmodo or Google Classroom to assign, assess, and track student work.  Each site offers to parent/guardians the ability to monitor your child's progress in his or her classes and well as receive notifications about upcoming and outstanding work.  

    • Edmodo asks that you create your own account.  Click here to do so.  To access your child's classes, ask your child for each class code or contact Cindy. 
    • Google Classroom provides guardians with class summaries. Click here to learn about how you can receive these notifications.