The fifth grade team works closely together continuously throughout the year sharing strategies, ideas, and resources to plan for rewarding fifth grade activities and units that additionally serve to prepare the students for the next chapter ahead of Middle School.

    Here you will find all the ways the 5th grade team is working together to prepare our students for middle school.


    The fifth grade team has happily accepted an invitation to visit North ​MIddle School (NMS) to attend a teaser performance of their Theatre Company’s production of Freaky Friday on March 17. ​This will provide an additional opportunity for the students to spend time at their future school, experience a club project, and be greeted by NMS faculty and administrators. ​Parents can also choose to accompany their child to one of the evening show full performances. More information on purchasing tickets will be found on the NMS website. ​This serves to prepare the students by encouraging a comfort level at North Middle School.


    Keyboarding proficiency is not only a lifelong skill,​ but benefits students as they move through the elementary grades and into middle school where written assignments become lengthier, more time-consuming and more complex.​ To prepare the students, every fifth grade classroom has a keyboard for each student’s iPad that is used when work is typed. Websites such as TypingClub and Type to Learn help teach correct finger positions and offer drills for speed and accuracy through very engaging programs. Keyboarding logs are completed as a home/school connection to further reinforce these essential skills. This helps prepare the students to effectively and efficiently type their work in Middle S​chool.


    Students are working as a team with a partner on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Lego Robotics project. They learn the basics about the robot block, motors and sensors to build and program the robot​.​This prepares students for Middle School by allowing them to use critical thinking applying concepts and skills in all of these disciplines to solve problems and create products.

     Watch for more Middle School preparedness news from the Fifth Grade Team!  ​

    On December 6, North Middle School teachers from the LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Department will be coming to JFK to present a video on the languages offered followed by a question and answer session. On December 17, ​the students will be attending a special concert at North High School which offers them the opportunity to see the path they can follow if they continue to study their instruments. These two events help prepare them for planning their Middle School course selection which will be completed in the next few months.


    Students are participating in discussions, lessons and activities on anti-bullying and internet safety with a focus on preventing ​cyberbullying. The Digital Citizenship Night began the conversation which provided an opportunity to continue this important work in the classroom. Following this event, all fifth graders signed a pledge, in unity, to honor the guiding​ principles of digital citizenship. Students will work in partnerships to create a Public Service Announcement on an internet safety topic. They ​ will be engaging​ in a program called cyberSMARTZ​. This is a multi-media workshop that focuses on cyberbullying and fostering safe, responsible behavior while managing the Internet and other digital technologies. This work supports the development of the social responsibility of digital citizenship needed in Middle School and in life. ​


    Across the entire year, fifth graders will be using the scientific method to investigate phenomenon using observation and data analysis. This will prepare them for full implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in Middle School.Watch for more Middle School preparedness news from the Fifth Grade Team! 


    In the month of September, we introduce technology skills and apps that will become a part of the students daily lives at North Middle School.  The one-to-one iPad initiative will continue this year at J.F.K. and next year, in the middle school.  Our goal is to seemlessly integrate technology into the students' routines while teaching them to see it as a tool to enhance their school experience. Additionally, we encourage our students to use their iPads as a way to enhance the home/school connection by providing them with access to materials, notes, and assignments outside of the classroom.  We begin by working with Notability, Google Drive and Google Classroom.