Baker ENL Program

  • The goals of our ENL program are to promote academic achievement and to enable ENL students to develop content skills while learning English.  The program is one that is tailored to meet the linguistic, academic and emotional needs of students.  It provides English Language Learners with instruction necessary to support their progress in the classroom.
    New York State Assessments and Levels
    The NYSITELL is an assessment that is administered only once as part of the NYS Identification process for students who enter NYS Schools, with a home language other than English, or re-enter after two consecutive years. Once students are enrolled in the ENL program, they are assessed using the NYSESLAT at the end of every school year.  
    Their score determines their English proficiency level:
    1. Entering
    2. Emerging
    3. Transitioning
    4. Expanding
    5. Commanding