• Course Description

    Computer 8 is a critical thinking, creative design and digital communication course.

    Computer 8 continues to build upon previous courses focusing on empowering students to be knowledge constructors, critical thinkers, innovative designers and responsible digital citizens through the use of information and communication technologies.

    Students will:

    1. Build collaborative learning networks, custom learning environments and feedback loops to aid in the formulation of problem definitions and problem break downs.
    2. Plan and employ effective research strategies, curate, and evaluate information for accuracy, perspective, credibility and relevance, actively explore real world issues and problems.
    3. Create, test and refine solutions to a set of given problems.
    4. Integrate collaborative tools to work constructively with others on solving given problems.
    5. Publish solutions through self-selected media to the given problems.
    6. Manage their personal data, privacy, security and protect that of others.