Mr. Lawson

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Mr. Takoa Lawson

Takoa Lawson has had the privilege and honor of working with students professionally since 1999. He has gained experience working with students attending various middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate scholastic programs. Mr. Lawson started working in education in Oregon. In 2004, he made the hardest and best decision of his career, he moved across the country and started teaching high school full time while maintaining an adjunct position at The City College of New York. With each year of experience, he has found a deeper appreciation for both the challenges and rewards of the career path he is following.

To all students, Mr. Lawson offers this small note of advice.

"Learning requires effort. It is not something that is done to you. Rather it is a process you actively participate in that requires focus and making mistakes among many other qualities. Education is a journey of discovery. You and you alone determine what you do or do not learn. Meaningful learning will be a permanent part of your being. Learning becomes meaningful when you recognize the value of the material and skills that you are navigating through. A classroom is only one small setting in the world where learning takes place. I challenge you to learn what others believe is impossible to understand. I urge you to believe there are no limits to the capabilities of the mind in any subject. I promise you nothing in the universe can provide you with more than your own education.

Be well and give doubters proof you are not to be doubted.

P.S. The secret to having fun is having fun and maintaining a positive attitude. So, have fun while you navigate life's journey!!!"