Mr. Lawson

Blazer the Goat

Extra Help with Mr. Lawson

Mr. Lawson formally schedules extra help for 40 minutes on the school day prior to the science departments testing day every semester.

In addition, Mr. Lawson attempts to be available for extra help before school, during free periods, or after school. Students are welcome to stop by anytime and check his current availability.

The best plan of action is to email or speak with Mr. Lawson directly and make an appointment to make sure he is available to work on the specific coursework that is causing an issue.

Occasionally a faculty meeting, department meeting, or other obligation may require meeting times be adjusted.

Parents should contact Mr. Lawson directly, by email or phone, if they would like to discuss any component of their students education or schedule an appointment to do so in person.

A students education is primarily their personal burden. However, a student is capable of achieving greatest success when the community around them (peers, parents, teachers, and administrators) supports and encourages their efforts making mistakes and taking appropriate risks acquiring the knowledge and skills that will lead them towards a greater conceptual framework and possessor of skills.