School Building Information

  • School Hours

    9:10 AM to 3:30 PM

    A student who arrives after 9:15 AM will be marked as tardy.

    A student who is picked up prior to 2:50 PM will be marked as an early release.


    School Day Schedule 

    Our daily schedule is based on a six-day cycle. Each school day is labeled with the numbers 1-6.  The day number indicates each classroom's special area schedule. (Ex: Day 1 - Art, Day 2 - Physical Education, etc.)

    Please note that our six-day cycle is fixed. Refer to the interactive school calendar on the Baker homepage for cycle days.


    Access to E.M. Baker School

    Visitors, particularly parent(s)/guardian(s), are welcome at our schools. Visitors must enter through the main entrance to sign in and obtain a pass. If a person wishes to confer with a member of the staff, s/he should call for an appointment prior to coming to school in order to schedule a mutually convenient meeting time.

    During the school day, all doors are locked except for the main entrance. All visitors must present a valid driver’s license, or another form of government issued identification to gain entry. There will be no exceptions. Visitors will sign in and receive a pass at the security desk outside the Main Office upon arrival. When ready to leave the building, all visitors must return their visitor’s pass to the security desk and sign out before exiting through the main school doors. Visitors should not exit without signing out or through other school doors. The safety of the children and all staff is our main priority.   

    There will be no student pick-up or visitor entry into the building after 2:50 PM due to our building-wide dismissal procedures, and the District’s new school building visitor management procedures. Entry into the building will resume at 3:35 PM once we have safely dismissed all students from the school buses. 

    In an effort to enhance building security procedures, no students or parents will be permitted to enter classrooms following the end of the school day. All classrooms are locked at the end of the school day. If a student leaves an item in the classroom, they will not be permitted to retrieve the item until the next school day. Thank you for your understanding.