When to Keep Your Child Home

  • Sick children should remain at home for the child’s sake and out of consideration for the child’s classmates and teachers.

    If a child has a contagious condition such as chicken pox or head lice, it should be reported immediately to the Health Office so that parents of children who may have been exposed can be notified. Confidentiality will be maintained.


    A child is well enough to return to school when:

    • the nose does not run
    • there has been no fever for at least 24 hours
    • eyes do not look pink or have discharge
    • coughing is well-controlled during a normal day’s activities
    • the child is healthy enough to be outdoors
    • the child has been appropriately treated for lice and all evidence of living lice and viable nits are gone.

      Note: a parent or guardian will be required to accompany their child to school following treatment so that the school nurse can examine the child.