Attendance Procedures

  • Whenever a child will be late or absent, the parent is required to notify the school.  Students are not allowed to make calls. Calls can be made to report the absence at any time, day or night, as the message machine is always in operation.  However, to ensure accurate attendance information, the school must be informed of your child's absence before 9:00 am on that day. 

    To report the absence, call (516) 441-4115. Leave the following information:

        Child's name, Grade, Teacher's Name, Reason for Absence, and Expected Length of Absence or Expected Time of Arrival 

    If the Health Office does not hear from you, an automatic call via ParentLink will be made to your home or place of work to verify the child's absence.  Numbers where you can be reached must be listed in the Parent Portal.

    Upon returning to school, the child must provide a note from the parent explaining the reason for the absence.

    Religious Absences
    If a child will be absent from school for religious observance, New York State Law requires that the school receive a note to that effect BEFORE the absence takes place.

    To contact the school nurse during the school day, please see the information below:

    TO REPORT AN ABSENCE: (516) 441-4115
    TO SPEAK WITH THE NURSE: (516) 441-4110
    TO SEND A FAX TO THE SCHOOL NURSE: (516) 441-4190