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    Open Enrollment / Cancellation Period

    District employees may enroll in (or opt out of) the Aflac program each year from October 20 through November 20. Enrollments are handled by Aflac representatives. Payroll deductions for new enrollees begin on January 1. To cancel your enrollment in Aflac, please complete the discontinuation form and return the original, signed copy to the Payroll office at the Phipps Administration Building by November 20

    The Great Neck school district offers the following Aflac benefits to all employees:

    Hospital Advantage Policy: Pays you cash benefits for annual hospital admission, as well as ER & physician visits, daily hospital benefits, diagnostic exams, surgery, and much more. This program also has maternity benefits.

    Short Term Disability:  Helps protect your greatest asset—your income. Allows each employee the flexibility to design a benefit based on their lifestyle and budget. Benefits enable you to maintain your standard of living and pay your bills, in the event that you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. This policy also pays benefits for childbirth.

    Cancer Care & Critical Illness Policy:  Pays cash benefits for treatments associated with cancer. Benefits include initial diagnosis, travel, radiation and chemotherapy, surgeries, experimental treatments and much more. Benefits can be used to help offset cancer-related expenses and to help with a variety of daily living expenses. Riders are available to expand coverage to include benefits for; Heart Attack, stroke, end stage renal failure and sudden cardiac arrest.

    Accident Policy: Pays cash benefits for treatment of injuries, including initial visit to ER or physician’s office, hospital stays, physical therapy, follow-up visits, crutches and much more. New policy also includes a $60 yearly wellness benefit.

    Annual Wellness Benefits:  Please check with your Aflac rep to make sure you are on the updated plan and have filed for all eligible wellness benefits

    Some general highlights about Aflac:

    • Aflac pays cash directly to the insured to help offset any out-of-pocket expenses incurred during sickness or injury (e.g., co-payments and deductibles, lost wages, mortgage/rent, car payments, transportation and lodging, special equipment)
    • Aflac’s benefits are supplemental and do not coordinate with any health insurance benefits
    • Employees pay premiums through payroll deduction, with pre-tax dollars for most plans


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