• Attendance, Visitation, Drop-Off, and Pickup


    What are the rules/recommendations for drop off and pick up?

    • Drop off and pick up in front of the school. PLEASE show up prior to 7:45am. It gets very busy after that. All drivers MUST yield to the pedestrians in the cross walks in front of the school around the traffic circle.


    If I am visiting the school, where do I park?

    • You must stop for the security guard at the entrance to the lot to the right of the school. You need to identify the purpose for your visit and the security guard will direct you to the proper parking area. Make sure to have your photo ID with you so that you can be properly checked in to the school building upon entering through the front doors only.


    If I need to take my child out of school early, am I supposed to call the office or come in and sign them out, or can they just leave?

    • If you need to pick up your child, follow the steps above about parking. Come to the front entrance of the school and go to the main office to sign your child out. If your child is ill and in the nurses office, let our security know and you will be directed to the rear entrance, closer to the nurse’s office.


    If my child is sick, do I need to contact the school? If so, who do I contact? Is there a phone number for attendance?

    • Please call the school attendance office to notify the school about your child’s absence. The attendance phone number is 441-4715. A note must office be provided to the attendance upon your child’s return to school


    If I need to drop something off for my child, what is the procedure?

    • Pull into the parking lot and speak with the security guard. You then walk to the front entrance of the school. Make sure that you have your photo ID available to be scanned. The security guard at the front entrance will direct you to where you should go. 


    If I need to contact my child during the day, what should I do?

    • You may send your child a text message, however phones are not permitted to be used during instructional time. If the matter requires immediate attention, please call the main office. 


    Are students allowed to use their phones during the school day?

    • Students are allowed to have their phones in school and with them during the school day. Students may not, however, use their phones during instructional time. 


    Are students allowed to go out for lunch on the first day of school?

    • Yes. Students in all grades are allowed out to lunch on the first day.