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    Who do I go to first with my concerns?

    The quick answer is most likely your child’s classroom teacher. Should any concerns or questions arise regarding academic or behavioral needs and/or practices within the classroom, please contact your child's teacher first. We strongly encourage a phone call or face-to-face communication. E-mail is not an effective mode of communication when it comes to pressing or stressful situations that may arise.

    Who do I contact if the matter is still not resolved?

    Please understand that main office staff will ask you if you've spoken with your child’s teacher first. If not, a message will be left for the appropriate teacher. If you have spoken with your child’s teacher, and additional assistance is required, the names below may be applicable: 

    • If your concern is regarding student behavior and/or discipline, please contact the assistant principal (Dr. Heather Sweet-Lazos) after contact has been made with the classroom teacher first.
    • If your concern is health related, please contact the school nurse. The classroom teacher should be notified first. 
    • If your concern is connected to the social and/or emotional welfare of your child, please contact the school psychologists, social worker, and/or school counselor. The classroom teacher should be notified first.
    • All special education related questions should be directed to the school psychologists or to the Office of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS). The classroom teacher should be notified first. 

    Please understand that the principal and assistant principal will always take/return phone calls from parents, will listen to your concerns, and offer guidance. However, we do ask you that the lines of communication outlined above are adhered to. If not, you will be referred to the appropriate staff member before any form of school building leadership intervention/assistance takes place.


    E-mail Communication to School Staff

    Please know that e-mail is not the best mode for questions and /or issues requiring our immediate attention.  For urgent matters, please contact the main office at 516-441-4100.

    • Phone calls will typically be returned in 24-48 hours during the school workweek (assuming your question/concern was not answered or addressed at the time of your original phone call).
    • Do not be alarmed if your e-mail is not returned the same day.  In many instances, your e-mail may not be read the same day.  E.M. Baker faculty and staff make a conscious effort to spend time interacting with the students throughout the school day, and may not be able to check e-mails on a frequent basis when classes are in session. E-mails will be typically be returned, either by a phone call or e-mail response, in 24-48 hours, assuming the incoming e-mail was received and not flagged as "SPAM/Junk Mail" by the school district's protective servers. Additionally, faculty can be out for many reasons (i.e. sickness, family illness, etc.). These scenarios will naturally delay response times. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

    Campus Parent Portal

    Great Neck uses the Infinite Campus student information system and makes the Campus Parent Portal available to authorized parents/guardians so that they can securely access student information about their children online. 


    Blackboard Mass Notification (ParentLink)

    The district's emergency notification system, ParentLink, also has a parent portal that allows you to enter your contact information including work number, cell number, and e-mail address. This is how the district will contact you in the event of an emergency. E.M. Baker also sends out weekly ParentLinks on Thursdays with upcoming school-related information.


    Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling System 

    Great Neck uses an online management system for parents to schedule parent-teacher conferences. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year and detailed communication will go out to families in advance of these conferences. 


    Report Cards

    The intent of the report card is to present parents with a progress report that is informative, individualized, and standards-based. Using a variety of indicators including teacher observations, tests, written work, and projects, each child’s performance is evaluated three times per year according to the New York State Grade Level Standards. Report cards can be accessed through the Parent Portal.


    Student Records

    Both custodial and non-custodial parents are entitled to full access of their children's school records. Please contact the school social worker regarding specific questions or concerns.

    Classroom Placement

    Student placement is an internal collaborative process involving teachers, support staff and administration. Parent requests will be limited to BOE Policy 5154.

    Class lists for grades K- 5 won't be published until the end of August each summer. However, students in grades K-4 will meet all teachers from the next grade-level during Baker's annual "Moving-Up Day." This day is typically held during the last week of each school year in June. 


    Principals' Coffee Hour

    Principals’ Coffee Hour allows parents/guardians to ask questions, share ideas, or simply engage in informal conversations with building leadership. These meetings will have no formal agenda, and be held in the Baker cafeteria. Online communication to all Baker families will go out in advance of these events. 


    Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

    E.M. Baker School is so fortunate to have a wonderful, active, and supportive PTO. All PTO meetings are held at E.M. Baker School. Dates and times can be found in the District Calendar.