Student Support Services

  • E.M. Baker has a wide array of services to support the academic, physical, and emotional needs of all children. These services are a vital part of our comprehensive educational program. 

    There are times when a child may need extra attention and assistance in order to progress academically and emotionally. In such cases, all involved school personnel meet with the parents for discussion and evaluation of the child’s progress. The services described below may be available to all children or may require a formal recommendation from the GNPS’ Committee on Special Education (CSE).

    The School Psychologists serve as the case managers for all students who receive special education services. In addition, they conduct psychological evaluations as part of referrals to the Committee on Special Education (CSE). The School Psychologists also assist with screenings of all incoming Kindergarten students. Along with the School Social Worker and Elementary Counselor, the School Psychologists are available to consult with teachers and meet with children when needed. Children may meet for short-term counseling, as needed, for school-related concerns. Additionally, the School Psychologists, School Social Worker, and Elementary Counselor are available for consultation with parents and can serve as another resource for questions you may have about your child’s development, learning, and social skills.

    Speech-Language Therapy addresses articulation problems and difficulties with receptive and expressive language.

    Occupational Therapy focuses on fine motor skills and their impact on learning.

    Physical Therapy focuses on gross motor skills and their impact on learning.

    The English as a New Language (ENL) Program goals promote academic achievement and enable ENL students to develop content skills while learning English.  The program is one that is tailored to meet the linguistic, academic and emotional needs of students. It provides English Language Learners with instruction necessary to support their progress in the classroom.


    Math Lab services are available to children in grades K-5 who need support and/or supplemental assistance in math. Math Lab is a program designed to support children’s needs in mathematics. The criteria for selection include test scores and teacher recommendations based on student performance. As a participant in this program, students will receive individual and/or small group instruction to improve crucial math skills. Some children receive instruction in the Math Lab, while others work with the math lab teacher in their classrooms. Math Lab instruction is in addition to regularly scheduled math lessons in the classroom.


    The SEEK Program provides advanced, extended instruction for students who meet the criteria of the program, and who perform consistently above grade level.  SEEK fosters critical and creative thinking in an inquiry-based/project-based learning environment.  Students engage in rigorous challenges beyond the regular classroom curricula and participate in activities, projects, and assignments. Three separate modules are offered for grades three through five: Literacy, Mathematics, and Innovations. 

    Identification of SEEK students begins in third grade and is based on multiple criteria. At the start of each school year, all students in grades 3, 4, and 5 are assessed through several local and standardized assessments in ELA and math. Each year, children are reassessed to determine whether SEEK services are required.

    SEEK teachers work closely with classroom teachers in a variety of ways to provide professional development for differentiated instruction, resulting in enriched curricula for all students.