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    SENT Sunday, March 3rd:

    Tickets go on sale TOMORROW starting at 3pm.  You can purchase ONLINE or students can purchase in person, starting at 3pm.  Tickets are only $15 each ($10 for students).  Please see the attached ticket order form for details and a seating map of our NEW auditorium. 
    Use this direct link to purchase tickets starting at 3pm: https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/82200 or check the NMSTC Website. 
    All Cast are expected at all rehearsals from now until March 21st:
    * Monday - Thursday 3:20-6:00pm (next 3 weeks for cast; starting March 10 for stage crew). There is a 6:00 bus for those that need to take that home. (No rehearsals Fridays or Saturdays)
    * Sundays 10am - 5pm* (next 2 weeks)  No transportation provided. COSTUMES DUE 3/10/24.
    * Our final dress rehearsal is Monday, 3/18 until 8pm.  Dinner is served. No transportation home provided.
    * The evening performances are Wednesday, 3/20 and Thursday, 3/21 until about 10pm. Call time will be 5:30pm for most; some will be earlier or later and will be notified separately. No transportation on the evening of these performances. 
    *Stage crew do not need to attend until Sunday, March 10th or otherwise notified. 

    THIS IS ALL POSTED ON THE REHEARSAL CALENDAR!!! CLICK HERE: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=c_classroomd32d06c0%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America%2FNew_York

    As a reminder, no transportation is provided for Sunday rehearsals.  Students can arrive starting at 9:30 (wait for us to arrive and open the doors by the bus platform!) Please be ON TIME as doors will be closed and locked at 10am.  Students should bring lunch and plenty of water and should dress comfortably as it is a choreography rehearsal. They should also bring their iPads to do HW/study during downtime. 
    COSTUMES are due this Sunday, March 10th.  Please make sure your child brings their costume with them by Sunday the latest (They can also bring earlier!) (See attached for the complete costume list!)
    VOLUNTEERS: We still need volunteers.  Please let us know if you're able to help:
    1) (Parent Organizer job has been filled, THANK YOU!)
    2) Costume and Props: We might need a handful of parents to come during our Sunday rehearsals on 3/10 and 3/17 to help with putting final touches on props and costumes.  You must be willing to glue, cut, sew, paint, etc. 
    3) Intermission Sales People: On the nights of the show, you would volunteer to help sell all of the goodies parents brought in for sales.  It requires no skill other than making change during sales! 
    4) Auctioneer: We could use a very outgoing person to do 50/50 raffle sales before the show and during intermission to all guests that enter our building and are seated in the auditorium.  It would require an outgoing and  jovial personality to help convince others to buy tickets. 
    This information has been shared in previous emails and is posted on the NMSTC webpage so you can reference it anytime!  CLICK HERE TO READ THROUGH: 
    Dancing Classrooms: Once again, let us know if your 8th grader will stay with us for dinner on the night of Dancing Classrooms (3/13) We will provide a pizza dinner.  It's likely they won't have time to go home and come back in time. We're happy to entertain and host them!  

    Email sent Sunday, February 25th:

    Dear Parents,
    Now that the winter break is ending, it means the real work for the musical is beginning!  We are less than a month away from our show!  This week is our last week of regular rehearsals before tech weeks.  The rehearsal calendar is now updated through the nights of the show so you can plan accordingly. 
    No Excusals During Tech Week
    As a reminder, tech week rehearsals are not optional and we ask that you put all other obligations on hold.  Students can still attend extra help, but they must report by 3:20 for rehearsal.   100% attendance is required.  We simply can't allow for any excusals.  This was explained in detail at the time of auditions and during our parent meeting back in December.  Ultimately, there's always a handful of people that try to work around this, but the answer is simple: it's not allowed.  If a student is absent to attend a different event instead of our rehearsal, they will be removed from whatever scenes we rehearsed when they were absent.  That might mean being dropped from their role or the show all together.  Again, this is for the safety of all involved, including other cast members.  I'm sorry to be so strict with this, but I hope everyone understands the necessity of this reminder and works with us to provide a safe environment for all. 
    Note: For the first week of tech weeks, stage crew members are not required to be in attendance, although SOME may be asked to come to learn and practice some of their roles.  Ms. Andreacchi will send messages to those students separately in Google Classroom.  (This would mainly apply to those doing lights and sound since they'll be working with all new equipment thanks to the new auditorium renovation!)
    Tickets will be on sale starting Monday, March 4th!  Information will be sent home later this week about it.  (Now that we have a new auditorium, we need to create a new seating chart!) So please hold tight.  This is exciting!!!
    As a reminder, the costume list was shared prior to the vacation.  The links are suggestions of looks, but NOT required.  In fact, we almost don't want everyone to buy from the links.  We want variety in the same spirit and inspiration of those links, but be creative!  Those are simply just suggestions.  Costumes are due by March 10th so our costumer can check them and make additional suggestions.  
    Parent Volunteers
    This is also the time that I ask for parent volunteers to help with some important things leading up to the show.  If you would like to volunteer for these roles, please reach out to me:
    1) Parent Organizer: This job is fully remote!  The job entails emailing all parents of the cast and crew to organize items to sell at intermission on the nights of the show.  You would need to email parents, keep accurate lists of who is bringing what, and help organize parent drop off of items on the nights of each show.  
    2) Costume and Props: We might need a handful of parents to come during our Sunday rehearsals on 3/10 and 3/17 to help with putting final touches on props and costumes.  You must be willing to glue, cut, sew, paint, etc. 
    3) Intermission Sales People: On the nights of the show, you would volunteer to help sell all of the goodies parents brought in for sales.  It requires no skill other than making change during sales! 
    4) Auctioneer: We could use a very outgoing person to do 50/50 raffle sales before the show and during intermission to all guests that enter our building and are seated in the auditorium.  It would require an outgoing and  jovial personality to help convince others to buy tickets. 
    Thank you all!  I'll be in touch again soon.  ;) 

    Email sent February 16th:

    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    The following email contains a LOT of important information, so please read carefully!
    It's official!  The costume list is ready and has been posted in the NMS Theatre Company Google Classroom.  I'm also attaching a copy of it here.  Note: It's listed by roles and links to examples of what could be ordered easily.  Many cast members have more than one role, so please double check with your child what ALL of their roles are over the course of both performances.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I'll forward to Mrs. Kroll, our costume designer!  Costumes are due March 10th.  Please make every effort to secure the pieces before then. 
    As you know, Tech Week starts Sunday, March 3rd and runs through Thursday, March 21st. During this time, all cast members are expected to attend all rehearsals.  For the first Sunday rehearsal on March 3rd, it will be a full choreography review.  Then the following 2 Sundays are run throughs and dress rehearsals for the show!  
    Here's what you need to know for the Sunday rehearsals:
    1. Transportation is not provided.  It's important to drop off on time and pick up on time so that we can maximize our time together.  Carpool.  The kids all know each other so arrange to share rides.  The exact times will be communicated as we're closer, but expect 10-5pm as the general start and end time.  (It could vary, depending on how things go.)
    2. Lunch is not provided.  Please make sure to pack a bag lunch and plenty to drink for each rehearsal.  We do have snacks for purchase (chips, cookies, etc.) but that is not a supplement for lunch.  
    3. Once rehearsal starts, the doors are LOCKED and no one can enter or leave rehearsal.  There is district security present, but they are not our doormen.  If you need to reach us, email to me is best.  I will check it hourly but can't guarantee an immediate response.  We also do NOT allow students to use their cell phones during active rehearsing, so please be patient if you don't hear from anyone immediately.  If there's a true emergency, please call district security: 516-441-4911.
    From March 4-March 21, ALL REHEARSALS ARE MANDATORY FROM 3:20-6PM FOR ALL CAST with some exceptions which will be defined as we get closer.  As stated in the contracts you signed at the time of auditions, we ask that all outside events, lessons, appointments, etc. are put on hold during this time.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that all students attend all rehearsals.  They cannot leave early. When we end at 6pm, students will be on the bus home or picked up.  The last late bus is 6pm, so please make sure you communicate how your child will be getting home.  As always, the rehearsal schedule is on the NMS Theatre Company webpage (follow the link in my signature below!)
    Originally, tickets were scheduled to go on sale the week we're back from break.  Since we have a new auditorium, we might need additional time to reconfigure the map so instead, expect ticket sales as of Monday, March 4th at 3pm.  Tickets will be available for purchase online and in person. I will send more details as we get closer. 
    We are excited to welcome Dancing Classrooms back to NMS on March 13th.  For our 8th graders in the cast and crew, we invite them to stay after rehearsal for a pizza dinner on us!  They can change here after they eat.  If you would like for your child to stay and dine with the musical team and their peers, please send me an email to let me know!  It will make the evening a little less chaotic for all.


    Email sent after the Parent Meeting (December 14th):


    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Thank you to all that came to the meeting last night on Zoom.  I think it was productive and we have a good plan in place to support the show and help make it a success.  Some parents did not make it to last night's meeting, and some of you might appreciate a recap as well.  The recorded meeting is linked here, but if you read through this email carefully, it's the same information. So, here it goes....


    As you might know, this is a self-sustaining activity.  We need to raise as much revenue as possible to support the show so that we can continue to purchase scripts, backdrops, sound equipment, costumes, props, and more.  100% of what we do is dependent on acquiring and maintaining healthy funds in our account to pay for everything necessary.  Below are some ways we can help make that happen:


    1)   Rehearsal Schedules for rehearsals are updated every other week on the NMS Theatre Company website and students are encouraged to check it the week before so they know when to attend.  Not all students are required to attend every rehearsal.  Please check the cast and crew schedules, which may differ from one another. *Don't forget to click on MORE DETAILS to see add'l information for each rehearsal. 


    If your child needs to miss a rehearsal for any reason, an email from you, the parent, is required so we know that you know they are missing rehearsal.  It’s not sufficient for them to just tell us.  We really need a note or email letting us know.   Your child is responsible for making up whatever they missed.  Please let us know if outside obligations change from the original list you submitted with the acceptance forms. 


    Absences from rehearsals are NOT permitted during tech weeks (March 3-21) as stated in the contracts that you signed. This is for everyone’s safety and accountability. (In the presentation, I mistakenly had March 2023, not March 2024 tech weeks on the screen.  It's correct on the parent packet that was emailed home with the zoom link. Sorry for the confusion.) For those with commitments on Sundays, please reschedule them so that we have everyone in attendance.  This is for the safety of everyone involved, especially with moving sets, backdrops, etc.  


    Homework completion is encouraged during down time and/or before rehearsals begin.  Students are encouraged to attend extra help and can then come to rehearsals with a note.  School is important and we make sure students have the time they need to get their work done. 


    *If students are involved in sports (Winter 1) we encourage an open dialogue about the rehearsal and practice schedules and how we can best make it work.  They will not be required to miss any games. 


    Rehearsal Times: PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP!!!

    ·  Rehearsals generally run from 3:20-4:30 in December.

    ·  In January into early February, they will run from 3:20-5:00 for vocal rehearsals; until 5:30 for choreography. 

    ·  After the February break, they will run longer, as late as 6pm during tech week.

    Late bus schedules can be found on the NMS website, should students need to take the bus home. PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP!!!

    **NOTE: If a student is not picked up by the 6pm bus, they MUST take that bus to ensure they have a way home.  If you do not wish for your child to be picked up, please arrive on time. 



    2)   Parent Involvement is a MUST!   Just like your kids are invested, you are too!  We need everyone to help in some way, whether it’s big or small.  Here are ways you can get involved:


    Playbill Ads

    If you have a good relationship with local businesses in town, please ask them to place an ad in our program.  You can also place ads for your own children.  100% of the money collected from ads benefits our program.  In an effort to get the Playbills printed in time for the show, we have firm deadlines for submissions as follows:

    Who’s Who  -  due  Thursday, 2/1 (students submit via Google Classroom)

    Personal Ads  -  due Thursday, 2/1

    Business Ads  -  due Thursday, 2/15

    It is important that all submissions are received by these dates so that we can send it out for printing in a timely manner.  Any submissions received after these dates might not appear in the program.


    Bake Sales and Intermission Sales 

    As in year’s past, we will be hosting several bake sales here at school as well as intermission sales on the night of the performances.  The next time you shop at Costco/BJs or other big box store, pick up a box of snacks or two for us to sell at a bake sale! We'd love donations! Our weekly bake sales will be on Thursdays, so please drop off donations at the drop off desk by security and SEND ME AN EMAIL letting me know you did so.  I won’t know you dropped it off unless you alert me!  If it’s not too heavy, your child can deliver it to me in room 118 as well. 



    3)   Cast and Crew Dues.   Once we are closer to the show, we will hold rehearsals that run later than usual and we provide students with a pizza dinner.  The dues collected will pay for the following and are due January 5th:

    a) The cast/crew T-shirt

    b) Dinner rehearsals (food & drinks)

    c)     Cast party (food & drinks)

    d) Other incidentals as they arise

    TOTAL COST: $40.00  (or round up to $50 to donate to our program!)  (Please return with the attached form which will include the requested shirt size for the cast/crew Tshirt.  *Financial assistance available.




    4) DONATE WATER – This was not mentioned, but during extended rehearsals and performances, we are always in need of bottled water to supply the cast/crew.  We are asking all families to donate a case of water to help with this.  It can be delivered at your convenience to the drop off table and just a simple alert to me letting me know it’s there is all that is needed.  I’ll make sure to collect it!




    6)  Stage construction, scenic art, costumes, props, makeup. We often need parental support with behind the scenes preparations.  Cliff Broffman and Elaine Brendel might need help with set construction or scenic art.  Meredith Kroll will be in charge of costumes, props and makeup and may ask for volunteers leading up to the evening (possibly sewing costumes, acquiring props, etc. especially during weekend rehearsals) and the night of for make up application.  Thank you to the list of volunteers that have already stepped up.  More are welcome to join, so once again, let me know if you’re interested. 

    I will be in touch with more information as needed. Until then, please work on getting the dues in by January 5th.  The cast/crew photo will be Feb. 14th, which is updated on the links to the meeting packet on the website.  


    More to come.  Thank you all! 


    Recorded Meeting Link: https://youtu.be/DfovKwTERDs