What is stage crew all about?

    Well, it's a great opportunity to work behind the scenes to make the musical what it is.  The musical wouldn't be successful if it weren't for the stage crew's efforts.  As Mrs. Brendel puts it, "You make the actors look good."  Stage crew oversees all the technical aspects of the show, including lighting, sound, scenery, backdrops, and props.  

    Throughout the musical season, you will spend time working on various projects, such as creating props and scenery.  During this time, you also read the script, watch the actors, and learn the show, so you know it well enough to set everything up.  Once the pieces are created and the actors are learning their scenes, you're ready to start setting up the stage for the show.  And when it's finally opening night, it's all up to you to get the show going and keep it going!  

    We've been very lucky at North Middle School to have talented groups of students working behind the scenes, making our shows as successful as they are.  While we are so happy to have the same students come back each year, we are equally excited to see new students!  Also, if you're not sure if acting in the musical is for you, stage crew is a great place to start to get to know what the musical is all about!


    Stage Crew Team Members

    STAGE MANAGER: Ms. Victoria Andreacchi



    COSTUMES AND PROPS: Ms. Meredith Kroll


    When does stage crew meet?

    Check the rehearsal calendar for information about stage crew meeting dates.  You can also check the bulletin board outside of room 118 for information. 


    Check this page often for important stage crew updates.

    The first opportunity for students to get a taste of what it's like to be a part of the musical stage crew will be with the Night of the One Acts.  This is a great way to try out working behind the scenes.  If you don't know what the Night of the One Acts is, it's somewhat similar to the musical, but without all of the dancing and singing.  It's basically a night of acting out short one-act plays.  Since there is much less for stage crew to do for this show, only a small team is needed.  Ms. Andreacchi will oversee the stage crew for the Night of the One Acts.