• Science Research and Honors Programs

    How do I assess if my child meets the standards for the opt in honors English and social studies programs?

    • Social Studies: Any interested 9th-grade student has the opportunity to provide a writing sample at the beginning of the second quarter. The teacher and the department chair review the essays and then advise the student. Students need to know that as the 9H program is conceived as a pre-AP course, their quarter grade may drop initially.
    • English: There is no criteria for opting in other than a student talking it over with his/her parents.  Students in our program must opt in at the start of the honors curriculum and complete all four projects in the honors coursework.  All honors work is connected to what students are studying in their English classes for the purposes of enhancing what students are learning in the general ed curriculum.  Each honors project is scored out of 25 points by two different graders. Any student who has earned at least 80 points over the course of the year, earns honors designation on his/her transcript.
    • Our honors program starts in mid-October (to give our freshman time to acclimate to high school) and teachers not only discuss the program in class, but an information meeting is held and a letter is sent home with students to review with a parent/guardian and get signed.


    Science Research and the Honors Placement Exam takes place in the 8th grade. Who qualifies for these programs?

    • Both are based upon recommendations from the middle school. We still do not know these students, so the middle school makes these decisions. For both Science Research and Honors Physics the decisions are made at the middle school level.