• Getting Your Learner's Permit


    photo of a car spedometer

    Steps to Follow:

    1. Stop by room 327, my office off the main hall, to pick up a practice booklet.
    2. Review the booklet, and complete practice quizzes online at dmv.ny.gov
    3. When you are ready, come back to the office during your free time to take the test on my computer.
    (Come anytime before, during, or after school-NOT periods???.)

    a. You enter your information into the computer (whatever is on your birth certificate or passport, so be sure to know correct spelling and
    your middle name).
    b. Then you complete the 20 question multiple choice test on the computer.
    c. Once you pass, you'll receive a receipt to take to any DMV office along
    with your birth certificate or passport AND your Social Security card,
    and fee as well as a bill (utility bill or phone bill in your parents'
    name will be alright) to prove your address.
    Parent or guardian must accompany you.
    d. It usually takes 2 weeks to get your learner's permit in the mail, so
    please allow enough time to get it before starting driver's education.
    4. Contact the Adult Education Center at Cumberland at 441-4949 for
    information about driver's education.