• Drama is a non-tuition enrichment program offered to all students in fifth grade.


    Each year, drama students participate in a play/musical. They are given the opportunity to be an actor or a stage crew member. 


    Actors are taught how to use their vocal, movement, and acting abilities in order to express themselves creatively. Additionally, actors are encouraged to create their own moves, voice, and acting style which fosters independence and increases comfort level on stage. 


    Stage crew members are responsible for set design, lighting and audio equipment. Stage crew members utilize their artistic and communication skills and learn how to work together in order to create seamless backdrops, visuals, and audio. 


    Our hope is that the drama workshop serves not only as a creative outlet for students but also as a possible start to a future in theater. 

  • Candy Man scene in Willy Wonka

     Willy Wonka Jr. Scene ~ The Candy Man

  • Students performing onstage

    A scene from Willy Wonka Jr.

  • Oompa-Loompas performing

    Oompa-Loompas perform in Willy Wonka Jr.