• American History is a comprehensive resource that spans our nation’s history, with a user-friendly interface and award-winning content. The home page offers many ways to begin exploring the material, from the videos, slideshow overviews, and Topic Centers to the lists of key content.

    Britannica Academic (NOVEL)  includes Encyclopedia Britannica plus Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, magazines and periodicals, and many other research tools.

    Britannica Escholar (NOVEL) accurate and age-appropriate content in Spanish for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students and students learning Spanish.  Available at two levels—primary and secondary.

    Britannica School (NOVEL) A source for all grades (Pre-K-12) and all reading abilities.  Available at three levels--elementary, middle, and high.

    Business Insights: Essential delivers authoritative company and industry information, articles, and statistical data.

    Chelsea House Biographies Online is for all your biography needs. 

    Classrooms Video on Demand: Master is a compilation of Films Media Group's best high school-level video content spanning the core subject areas.

    Credo  is here is you are you working on a research project, but having trouble with coming up with a specific topic or keywords you can use to look for research sources?  If so, Credo Reference is a database that can help you get a better idea of a certain subject and what sources are out there on similar subjects. It will also give a good idea of what keywords to use when starting to search for more sources. There are also videos on the basics of research in case you need to brush up on your skills.

    Critical Survey of Graphic Novels is a database that covers the material and techniques of graphic literature.

    Diseases and Disorder deals with general healthcare issues and over 250 infectious diseases, mental disorders and noninfectious diseases.

    Drugs and Society is a comprehensive resource examinung a wide range of issues concerning addiction, treatment, and the societal impact of drugs.