Elementary iPad Contract

  • Dear Students and Parents,
    As we continue to expand the use of instructional technology in our school, every student will be issued an iPad to take home in support of the educational process that is taking place in their classroom. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms of this contract. This form must be submitted once for each child you have enrolled in the school. Please review the terms below with your child (children) to reinforce appropriate use for this device.

    Accidental Damage Requiring Repair - 50% Parent Responsibility ranging from $35 - $72, varying upon repair.
    Documented Theft Requiring Replacement - 50% Parent Responsibility - $150
    Purposeful or Repeated Damage Requiring Repair - 100% Parent Responsibility - $69 to $144
    Loss or Undocumented Theft Requiring Replacement - 100% Parent Responsibility - $300

    Any Model iPad Replacement Cost - $300.00
    12 watt USB Power Adapter - $10.00
    Lightning to USB Cable - $10.00
    STM dux case for iPad Air - $35.00

    Please Note:

    All school-issued iPads have filtered internet access while on the school network.


    • School-issued iPads should be treated with care and used for appropriate educational purposes only.
    • The use of the camera is for educational purposes only.  Pictures or videos taken by students must be for school-assigned projects only.
    • Content (apps, games, music, videos, etc.) may not be installed by students on the school-issued iPad.
    • Students shall respect copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to iPad content.
    • Messages or postings from a school-issued iPad must be educationally purposeful, legal, and appropriate.
    • Social networking (Facebook), instant messaging, and video chatting (Facetime) are prohibited.
    • Illegal or inappropriate use is subject to disciplinary action as stated in the Code of Conduct and other district policies.
    • Students and parents are responsible for their share of the repair or replacement cost in the event that a school-issued iPad or accessories are lost, stolen, or damaged during use.